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Courtney Soley, Oak Park City/Police Clerk

Courtney Soley is honored to have the opportunity to work with Mayor Lindsey and the City of Oak Park as clerk for three years come August. She enjoys helping the city and all the citizens have a safe and enjoyable living environment.

A typical office day involves making sure everything is in order and being available to help in any way she can. In particular what keeps Courtney’s job interesting is the fact that everyone is so different. She enjoys learning about others: “everything from their personalities, beliefs, and challenges they face in their everyday life.”

What challenges her the most about her job is writing grants. “I never understood them until this job the amount of information that is required and the exact way you must present it. It can be very challenging on some days. Recent technological changes have allowed her job to move faster and become more efficient, “the amount of information you can gather in a short time frame is awesome.”

If Courtney were to give an in-coming clerk advice, she would say, “Be receptive to learning new things every day, no two days are the same. There is always a curve ball being thrown and you are the one who must figure out the solutions.”

Outside of being at work, Courtney enjoys being with family. Beach trips are on the top of her list. She and her husband, Gary, have a 30-acre farm and a family of six children, six grandchildren, and two dogs, Blu and Oscar.


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