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Crider Foods Achieves Safety Milestone With More Than 1 Million Safe Work Hours

Automation, new equipment and a focus on a culture of safety attributes to the latest accomplishment and comes at a time of incredible growth for the company.

Crider Foods, the leading food packing partner for fully cooked chicken, pork, beef, and other proteins, announces more than one million hours of zero lost time work-related accidents (LTA). On Saturday, September 17th, 2022 the company reached 1,005,531 hours worked without LTA. Automation, new equipment, improved training methods, and a recommitment to a culture of safety all contribute to this important milestone. This achievement underscores the company’s industry-leading focus on safety performance and adherence to protocols instilled in the culture at Crider Foods.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) classifies lost time incidents as any work-related injury or illness that results in days away from work. Achieving one million hours of zero LTA often takes a year or more and Crider Foods reached this milestone in just 267 days, with the goal to reach a new highwater mark by the end of the year. This safety performance comes at a time of high growth for the company further contributing to this as an exceptional accomplishment.

“Protecting our employees and community is the foundation of everything we do,” said Doug Sikes, Safety Director, Crider Foods. “This milestone is a testament to our unwavering commitment to do just that. We are proud of our employees who have indoctrinated a culture of safety day in and day out and we continue to work diligently to improve our tools, technology, and training to reach new safety goals year over year.”

“More important than any milestone achieved is knowing that our team has a safe place to work and has prioritized protecting each other every day,” said Mark Howell, President of Crider Foods. “Safety is embedded in the fabric of our company and we congratulate the team on upholding a culture of safety excellence.”

About Crider Foods

Crider Foods (Stillmore, GA) is the leading food packing partner for fully cooked chicken, pork, beef, and other proteins. The company processes more than 150 million pounds of protein annually for delivery in canned, pouch, and fully cooked frozen packing formats throughout the commercial and nonprofit/governmental sectors globally. For more information about Crider Foods, please visit, email, or follow us @criderfoods on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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