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Damien Scott, CEO of Emanuel Medical Center Named 2022 Hospital Leader of the Year by HomeTown Heal

HomeTown Health, LLC recognized Damien Scott, CEO of Emanuel Medical Center in Swainsboro, GA, at its 23rd Annual Fall Conference, held October 19-21,2022 at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia. The HomeTown Health network is comprised of over 70 hospital members across the Southeast.

“The Hospital Leader of the Year award is presented annually to a leader who has demonstrated incredible dedication to their position, their team and their facility. Leaders receiving this award are known for their innovation, their leadership, their commitment to their employees and their community, and their steadfastness in an industry that is ever-changing.” says Jimmy Lewis, CEO of HomeTown Health.

Emanuel Medical Center staff shared their testimonials of his leadership alongside their nominations, including:

  • There aren’t many challenges he isn’t willing to take on.

  • He’s a glass half full kind of guy.

  • Our CEO cares so much for his staff and his community. We are so lucky to have him.

“Damien is an intentional and conscientious leader who is well-studied and well-spoken. He continually and consistently rallies for his own facility as well as rural healthcare overall,” shared Kristy Thomson, COO of HomeTown Health as she presented the award.

Damien Scott, PT, MBA, MS currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Emanuel Medical Center. He has been with EMC since November 2014. Damien has 24 years of experience in healthcare including teaching, physical therapy, and administration. He serves as a member of the State Office of Rural Health advisory board, as a regional trustee of the Georgia Hospital Association’s center for rural health, as the chair of the Georgia Hospital Health Services board, as the president-elect of the Swainsboro Exchange Club, and as a board member for the Emanuel County Chamber of Commerce. Damien earned a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in Biology and a degree in Physical Therapy from the University of New Mexico. He earned an MBA from Georgia Southern University in 2018. Damien and his wife, Heather Scott, a professor at Georgia Southern University, have 3 children including a son at Georgia Southern, a daughter at Mercer and another daughter at Trinity Christian School. His interests outside of work include family, church, bird-watching and competitive swimming.

“It is truly our pleasure to work alongside hospital leaders throughout the state that serve in rural facilities. It is an even greater pleasure to be able to recognize those leaders as they excel in their facilities and communities each year.” says Kristy Thomson, COO of HomeTown Health.

About HomeTown Health:

HomeTown Health, LLC, celebrating its 23rd anniversary this year, serves more than 70 hospitals throughout the Southeastern United States. HomeTown Health, LLC offers advocacy, education, business partner service indexing, industry conferences, and strategic support to its member hospitals as well as expansive grant-based resources through key partnerships with the Department of Public Health and Department of Community Health in many states. HomeTown Health’s mission is to do everything legally, morally and ethically possible to promote, sustain and maintain rural healthcare in the communities which its member facilities serve. Learn more at

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