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DAR members hear program on survival skills

Compatriot Steve Burke of the Wiregrass Chapter delivered a program on survival skills to members of the Edmund Burke DAR Chapter earlier this month.

On April 9, he and two other members of the Sons of the American Revolution, Bernard Martin and Jon Joyner of the Brier Creek Chapter, traveled to the Burke County Library in Waynesboro to speak to members.

While on hand, Burke talked about Native Americans’ survival skills. His program began at 10:30 a.m., and approximately 30 DAR members were on hand to view the handmade items fabricated by Burke himself to resemble the items used by people during the Revolutionary War era to survive during the 1700s.

Burke also informed the DAR members of how both Native Americans and the people alive during the Revolutionary War period lived off the land; some of the ways they did this, according to Burke, were growing their own crops, hunting wild animals for meat, and cutting down trees to build their homes.

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