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DEA adds new bus to fleet

David Emanuel Academy just keeps on growing! One of many advancements they have added is a new bus to keep up with the continuous enrollment. Haley Free, David Emanuel’s head of school, is extremely proud of the growing student population. “With our growing population at DEA, we needed to add another bus to our fleet, and we needed to ensure they are all reliable. In the past, we needed a back-up bus, but because of our growth, we really need this bus for regular use,” said Free.

The bus is a 72-passenger purchased from a sealed bid auction funded from the school’s capital funds saved for facility purchases and enhancements. “This bus isn’t actually our first big purchase this school year due to growth. At the beginning of the year, we purchased a 90-seater bus,” said Free.

David Emanuel Academy now has a totaling bus fleet of four at their school. The bus routes include transportation to and from Swainsboro and Metter/Twin City. The other two buses are used specifically for athletic transportation to and from athletic events.

“This is just another step of continuous improvement at DEA,” said Free.

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