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DEA celebrates easy Homecoming win

By Justin Gray

Another year has passed and it was once again time for Homecoming week, a week full of fun, sometimes a little too much. A common thing that hurts a lot of teams on Homecoming week is the game may be overshadowed by the activities. This was not the case for Eagles as they came out and got the job done against Westminster.

This was another great blowout victory for the Eagles. If I told you how good the defense was every week, it would sound repetitive because that’s the type of performance they have every week, so I’ll spoil it now and tell you they once again didn’t allow any points.

They got the scoring going with a Jesse Moore nine-yard touchdown run. The two-point attempt was unsuccessful. Quickly after, Moore took the handoff again and took it 78 yards for a house call and after another failed two-point conversion it was 12-0 Eagles early. Racyn Faircloth took the next touchdown in from six yards out. The two-point conversion was converted on a pass from Riley Griner to Ebb McCollough. Griner continued to be a key component and took it two yards for another Eagle touchdown to make it 26-0.

Another thing about the defense is, they get turnovers, a lot. Clayton Hood picked up an interception to get it back to the offense. The last Eagle touchdown of the night was taken 64 yards by none other than Jesse Moore to cap off his epic three touchdown performance.

The Eagles took this one and improved to 7-0 with this 32-0 victory over Westminster. The Eagles will try to finish their undefeated season this Friday when they go to John Hancock Academy for the last game of the regular season.

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