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DEA Class of ’23 graduates May 17th

David Emmanuel Academy’s Class of 2023 has 20 candidates for graduation. The ceremony will be held Wednesday, May 17th at 6:00 p.m. in the DEA Gym. This year’s graduates are: CheyAnne Angelina Woodcock Howard (Valedictorian), Peyton Nicole Free (Salutatorian), Ann Carol Daniel, Lanna McLayne Douglas, Cora Lynn Elington, Brandon Ace Ely, Racyn Lee Faircloth, Cayley Byrd Flanders, Angelivia Marie Fortner, Kevin Riley Griner, Ashlyn Nicholl Hall, Jaylin Michelle Hall, Molly Gail Hammock, Destin Heath Johnson, Ebb Franklin McCullough, Jesse Reed Moore, Justin Samual Newsome, Bailey Marie Overstreet, Levi Elijah Shaw, and Emma Lawton Taylor.

Congratulations from The Crossroads Chronicle!

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