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DEA Head Coach Clint Inman

By Justin Gray

The Crossroads Chronicle did an over the phone interview in question and answer format with DEA Head Coach Clint Inman and discussed his thoughts on this season.

What are your expectations for your team this season? The first team in 8 years that has a big group of upperclassmen. Level of experience should play a big part and staying healthy will keep them in the mix at the end of it.

What matchups on the schedule are the toughest? Windsor Academy, Westwood School, Westminster (Augusta), John Hancock Academy

Who are the captains/team leaders for the team? Riley Griner, Racyn Faircloth, Jesse Moore, Ace Ely, Heath Johnson, Justin Newsome, and Ebb McCullough are the Seniors and team leaders.

After a good playoff run, the expectations are high. How is your team handling those expectations? We don’t listen to the outside noise. We’re “blue collar” and we go to work everyday.

Who are some of the young guys that you are expecting a lot from this year? Freshman Richard Braddy will get some snaps at QB, Jaxson Wiggins, Payton Lee, Clayton Hood, Cavan Calhoun hope for continued development. Juniors Randon Williams key target in passing game, Jay Carter, Ben Flanders, John Kersey will be key on the O-Line. Tony Sutton and Billy Martin key in the running game.

The Crossroads Chronicle would like to thank Coach Inman for engaging in an interview. We wish the Eagles good luck for another successful season.

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