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DEA renovations, Breezeway deconstructed

By Rebecca Mills

David Emanuel Academy’s renovations are now in full swing. After officially breaking ground in December, on January 12th the breezeway connecting the buildings of the campus was removed. This ground was cleared to make room for the site that will soon be the home of their new building.

A simple structure consisting of a few handfuls of poles and a tin roof, the removal was not a lighthearted affair. Students, teachers, staff members, and family of DEA’s past and present have a vast amount of fond memories of times spent under that breezeway. The area served as the focal point of the school where students from kindergarten to 12th grade would congregate before the morning bell, in-between classes, at lunch, after school, and before games. This is where Eagles would go to flock into the gym before pep rallies and chapel days. Sending off the sports teams before away games, the entire school would meet at the breezeway to wish their fellow student athletes safe travels and good luck. It is possible that the most memorable function of the breezeway was that it served as the prom tunnel that led students to the unveiling of the gym on prom night. While the breezeway was constructed with the simple intention of keeping Eagles out of the weather between classes, it quickly became a DEA landmark, as this is where every exciting adventure started - and that excitement was palpable each time you walked down the breezeway.

Seeing the breezeway being taken down has brought some of those memories to light for Eagles.

“The breezeway was the best because you got to see everyone from different classes all coming together especially with the younger kids who all wanted high fives and hugs. It connected us from class to break and lunch, and it was where the prom tunnel started!” - Kaleb Hughes, former student

“Oh gosh, that breezeway. My favorite memories had to be selling tattoos on football Fridays under there, and talking to friends on the way to lunch or back to class. The prom tunnel, and waiting to walk in the gym before graduation!” - Mary Farthing, former student

Haylee Free, Head of School at DEA, tells us that the breezeway’s legacy is not ending here, it is experiencing a new beginning. “For many DEA families, past and present, the breezeway coming down is a bittersweet moment. Not "just a breezeway," as this area has housed thousands of memories. If you have seen pictures of DEA students and families, a good majority of those keepsake moments have been captured in this space. The good news is, when the new building is erected, that space will continue to serve as a special memory-making space. In that exact area, we will now have a beautiful commons area- perfect for family fellowship, special events, and hopefully many more beautiful memories. In the days ahead, we all look forward to watching our new beautiful building dream become a reality.”

The structure itself will be kept, and used in-between the back buildings on the campus.

Follow along with us at The Crossroads Chronicle in the coming weeks as we continue to watch DEA grow.

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