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DEA softball is working out the kinks early

The DEA Softball team is off to a bit of a shaky start, but the rest of the schedule looks promising. The Lady Eagles are 1-4, but have played really good ball recently. They are led by Kyli Bell on the mound and Payton Peebles has the highest batting average clip on the team. They’ve also had some great production at the plate from SC Fennel who has a homer on the year. Coach Gabrielle Story said, “We started off a little slow this year, but our girls played great against Pinewood last week. We hope that this is the turning point of our season and we continue to go up from here.”

They hope to improve in every facet of the game and get better each and every day, while working towards the end goal, to win a championship.

They play Jenkins County this Tuesday and Edmund Burke Academy this Thursday.

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