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Deputies continue to obtain new certifications

When Emanuel County Sheriff Jeffrey Brewer took office more than a year ago, he had a goal to help every deputy under his command obtain new certifications. That goal began being actualized back in May 2021 as 14 deputies completed various courses. The trend is continuing even still as Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office announced last week that 11 deputies received new certifications recently.

The first group of honorees includes Lieutenant David Way, Deputy Melissa Guerra, and Deputy Mason Russell. These three, along with a second group—Investigator Al Evans and Deputy Cara Woods—successfully completed crisis intervention team training.

Georgia’s Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training course prepares law enforcement officers and other public safety personnel with the skills to assist people with mental illness, co-occurring disorders, substance abuse, developmental disorders, or other brain disorders who are in crisis, thereby advancing public safety and reducing stigma.

This course, according to the local sheriff’s office, is an intensive 40-hour, five-day curriculum comprised of both classroom instruction and practical exercises delivered by mental health professionals, other subject matter experts, and CIT law enforcement instructors.

The second group of deputies with new certifications includes Captain West Bedgood, Sergeant Marty Mercer, Deputy Roma Allen, Deputy Curtis Armstrong, Deputy Jonathan Jones, and Deputy Frank Nasworthy. All of these individuals successfully completed the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) course.

ALERRT prepares first responders to engage a single gunman in a school, mall, or public gathering, but they must also be prepared to fight well-trained, committed terrorists simultaneously attacking their community on multiple fronts. The ALERRT Program was created and developed with the basic goal of providing proven tactical training to first responders in order to better protect their communities and save lives. The training encompasses realistic force on force scenarios to prepare first responders to act to these clear and present threats.

Look for updates about the sheriff’s office to continue in The Chronicle as needed.

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