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Derden presents information on Brier Creek Battlefield at semi-annual banquet

The Brier Creek Revolutionary War Battlefield Association (BCRWBA), Inc. recently held its first semi-annual banquet at the Reynolds Clubhouse in Swainsboro with President Stephen Hammond presiding. Forty-seven attendees heard at that time Compatriot Dr. John Derden deliver his second presentation on the battlefield. (His first was presented a few weeks prior in Sylvania.) He was introduced by Compatriot Wilder Smith Jr.

Following the presentation by Dr. Derden, which was titled “Brier Creek Battlefield: Progress and Future Outlook,” the assembled moved outside for a three-round volley of Pennsylvania/Kentucky .50 caliber rifles, Brown Bess .75 caliber muskets, Charleville .69 caliber muskets, a six-pounder naval cannon, and an eight-pounder field gun.

After the volley, Compatriot Don Bazemore played “Taps” on his bugle.

President Hammond introduced all guests, Compatriot Emory Fennell delivered the invocation and blessing, Color Guard Commander Steve Burke gave the command for the presentation of colors, and Chairman of the Board Tommy Christopher led all in the pledge to the U.S. flag.

Attending were: Wiregrass members Wilder Smith Jr., Steve Burke, Dess Smith III, Dess Smith IV, Julian Sconyers, John David Bailey, Tommy Christopher, John Derden, Emory Fennell, George King, Jerry Lawson, Alton Reynolds, Colby Smith, and John Tapley; Brier Creek members Don Bazemore, John Fitzner, Byron Hogsette, Bernard Martin, Buddy Parker, Stephen Hammond, and Lee Smith; several other members from various chapters, including Bill Dobbs, Charlie Newcomer, Sonny Pittman, Ted Walker, David Wiley, and Damon Woodson; and special guests Senator Billy Hickman, Senator Max Burns, and Charles Schwabe.

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