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Derden speaks to Brier Creek Chapter

The Brier Creek Chapter held its monthly meeting on Thursday night, September 1, 2022, in Sylvania at Walls Diner at 7:00pm with President Wayne Howard presiding. There were14 attendees including 3 visitors. President Wayne called on dual member Wilder Smith, Jr. to introduce Compatriot John Derden who presented his program on "It all Started in a Bar: Revolutionary Savannah".

John is a member of the Wiregrass Chapter in Swainsboro and is fresh from presenting his program at the 132nd Congress, National Society Sons of the American Revolution in front of over 600 attendees on July 13, 2022. John focused on the role and significance of the port city in the American Revolution. He emphasized that Savannah's strategic importance to both sides during the war made the town a focal point of several campaigns and that the failed attempt by the combined French and American forces to retake Savannah in October 1779 led to what has been described as "the bloodiest hour of the American Revolution.

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