Did you see the pink moon this week?

If you didn’t catch the full moon the last two nights, you missed out! Luckily, a few photographers from Emanuel captured the beauty.

Chace Scarboro shot his photo of the latest full moon on April 25 at his home around 9 p.m. with his cell phone. His wife, Jill, also took a few frames with him.

Mike Braswell used two different cameras—his cell phone along with a 300mm full-frame Canon—on Monday night, April 26, in the Walmart parking lot to shoot his far away and close up photos of the moon.

This week’s was the first supermoon of the year. Within 90 percent of perigee, or one of the closest points to Earth, the “pink moon,” dubbed so because of its timing close to flower blooming season, appeared 7 percent bigger and about 15 percent brighter than a typical full moon.

The next supermen will happen May 26. Forecasters expect it to appear bigger and brighter than this month’s full moon.

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