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Donations, donations, donations!

Kathy Calvin once said, “Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.” How true that is today, and how lucky we are to live in a community where giving isn’t taken for granted.

Last week, we here at The Chronicle noticed a trend. A plethora of posts kept surfacing on social media about the many acts of kindness taking place all over the county. We love a positive story, so here are the CliffNotes of what we observed lately.

For starters, Emanuel Medical Center was on the receiving end of not one, not two, but a whopping three good deeds. America Knits visited the hospital and donated scrubs that were manufactured on Empire Expressway. On August 25, Bird’s Wings prepared and delivered meals for employees. Later that day, Billy and Brandi Chapman purchased and delivered pizzas for hospital staff.

Also on Wednesday, members of Men Reaching Men donated their time and grilling skills to Swainsboro Middle School’s principal, Dr. Willie Gibson, who organized a special lunch for his staff to show appreciation for their hard work.

Emanuel County Institute posted on Wednesday as well, thanking Pruitt Health at Home Vidalia. This out-of-town business dropped off donuts and supplies for ECI staff.

Swainsboro High’s varsity Lady Tiger basketball team took to the kitchen on Sunday to prepare and deliver food to members of Brown Chapel. This is an extension of head coach Alexandra Walden’s intentional effort to organize community service acts for her team. The post went up on Monday.

Keeping the trend, Emanuel County Schools’ Nutrition Department continued its usual charitable work by preparing meals to send home with students. This has been ongoing since the public school district began its alternating schedule for in-person learning based on the first letter of students’ last names, and it will continue through the last week of this arrangement, which is set to end Friday, September 10.

We then began to research and see who, if anyone, else had been blessed last week. To the best of our knowledge, this is a comprehensive look at last week’s happenings. (Swainsboro Police Department did, however, receive freshly baked soft pretzels from Leannas toward the beginning of the month.)

Seeing all of these posts left us inspired, so we went out to The Sugar Bowl and purchased two dozen donuts for the Emanuel County Board of Education, which is working diligently, like everyone else, to do the best job possible during these unprecedented times. Giving back to the community, whatever that looks like, is something we at The Chronicle have aimed to do from the beginning of our business, and we look forward to continuing to do this in the future. Be on the lookout to see what we give next and who the lucky recipient is!

In the meantime, if your business has been blessed by a donation of some kind, we’d love to hear about it! Write to us at, or if you need a photo taken to document a future occasion, give us a call at 478-331-7251.

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