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Dorsey wins Miss Georgia Peach Pageant

Sydney Dorsey is no stranger to pageants. She has won a plethora of titles over the years, most notably, perhaps, USA National Teen Miss in 2019. Her latest title, thanks to a win this past weekend in Fort Valley, is 2021 Miss Georgia Peach.

The 19-year-old competed in the Miss division of the Georgia Peach Pageant on Saturday, March 20, at Fort Valley State University. Nine other young women graced the stage alongside her in the division for contestants ages 18 to 24, but in the end, the local pageant pro came away with the title as well as numerous other awards. In addition to a $500 educational scholarship, her crown, a sash, and a trophy, Dorsey also won Prettiest Smile, Prettiest Eyes, Prettiest Hair, and Prettiest Dress.

“The Miss Georgia Peach Pageant is a sanctioned event sponsored by the Georgia Peach Festival. As the new queen, I will now have the opportunity to participate in various parades, including the Georgia Peach Festivals in Byron and Fort Valley,” Dorsey said.

The freshman at East Georgia State College will also now serve as an ambassador for Georgia’s peach industry and serve the community in various ways. As a former titleholder, she got to take the first bite of the world’s largest peach cobbler, and she added she is “super excited” to do that again.

When asked how she felt when she won, Dorsey continued, “As many pageant girls would say, ‘relieved and excited!’ The Georgia Peach board is compiled of many incredible members. To be a part of the family again may have made me shed a tear or two during my crowning moment. I would also have to say that when you put so much work and perseverance into something, you hope for the best—and I was so grateful all my hard work paid off.”

Some of the other pageants Dorsey has competed in throughout the past include the South Georgia Teen USA Pageant, Miss Pine Tree Festival, Miss Vidalia Onion Festival, the Southeast Georgia Soapbox Derby Pageant, many fundraiser and charity pageants, and, of course, USA National Miss.

As USA National Miss Teen 2019, Dorsey traveled the country, taking advantage of what she calls “so many great opportunities.” She also promoted the national platform, “Creating a Respectful Environment in Schools.”

While she is always appreciative of the opportunity to compete in any pageant and excited about whatever wins come her way, Dorsey’s ultimate dream is to grace the Miss USA stage.

“Miss USA is a very well-known pageant that helps young women succeed in life and in their future endeavors,” she explained. “You are gifted with an incredible audience and new connections and resources. To be Miss USA would be an absolute dream!”

In the here and now, though, the daughter of Tanisha Dorsey and Chris Dorsey, both of Swainsboro, reflects on her pageantry history with fondness. When asked why she loves pageants so much, she said, “Pageantry has been a part of my life since I was 6-months-old. I have been introduced to so many incredible opportunities throughout my time in pageants—friendships, business opportunities, connections, and resources that have gotten me where I am today in life. Pageantry is not the fabricated events you see on tv but rather a community filled with empowering and determined young women who encourage others to be great and to be the best versions of themselves.”

Dorsey has one brother, Rhett. She is the granddaughter of Jan Smith-Cook of Swainsboro, Eletha Dorsey, and the late Freddie Dorsey.

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