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Down on the Farm with… Blake Johnson

Blake Johnson is a fourth-generation farmer, and growing ample amounts of crops and produce is simply “in his blood.”

“You don’t think about the long hours, blood, sweat, tears, and worry. You do it because you love it,” he said.

Inspiration to farm comes easily to Johnson as he sees it as a blessing from the Lord. He understands that the process he follows year after year takes time and hard work, but to watch his crop grow is the most amazing thing of all.

Johnson grows corn, peanuts, and cotton in Emanuel County and Candler County, alongside his father and brother, Boyd and Jamie Johnson. These crops are planted during April and May. Corn is planted on the first of April while peanuts and cotton are planted in May.

He wouldn’t know how to be a successful farmer if it weren’t from the love and support of his father, Boyd, who was taught by his father as well. Johnson has been farming on his own successfully for nine years, despite all of the challenges that could arise with his occupation such as weather and the market.

Johnson resides in Twin City with his loving wife, Brooke Boatwright Johnson, and their beautiful girls, Blakely and Savannah.

“You can thank a farmer by buying and supporting your local farmers market,” said Johnson.

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