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Down on the Farm with… Carson Cross

With spring in the air and planting season in full swing, farmer Carson Cross, owner of Crossroads Farm in Midville, is excited about what this season’s crop could bring.

Back in January, The Crossroads Chronicle used Cross as the kickoff to the “Down on the Farm” series, which aims to highlight Emanuel’s ag sector. In that story, Cross was featured, highlighting his achievements as being one of the most successful farmers in Emanuel County and explaining his daily tasks as a Georgia farmer. This edition’s “Down on the Farm” gives an update on Crossroads Farm.

Cross is generally known for having one of the most successful farming operations in Emanuel County, and he works hard throughout the year to produce crops that will be consumed and used for the production of other goods.

This month, Cross is actively planting corn. The corn is planted on 350 acres of his land and will be ready to harvest in August. Cross will have all of the corn planted by the end of the month to ensure that it will be ready in time by the help of only one of his employees. The pair will be working long hours from daylight to dark.

The next crop that will be planted at Crossroads Farm will be peanuts, which will be planted and harvested in October and November.

Cross is praying for a bountiful crop of corn this year, but it all depends on the weather. “If it rains the crop will be bountiful, but if it doesn’t, it will be a disaster,” he said.

Look for these “Down on the Farm” updates to continue.

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