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Down on the Farm with… Taylor Brett

Recently highlighted in The Crossroads Chronicle’s Down on the Farm feature, Taylor Brett of Swainsboro has been planting away this spring. Currently, he is planting early soybeans. “As the cabbage and broccoli comes off throughout the spring, we will continue to plant soybeans right behind them,” he said.

So far, Brett has planted 900 acres of corn, 400 acres of broccoli, and 200 acres of cabbage. During the week, Brett works 12- to 14-hour days to ensure that everything is harvested and planted. “Sometimes, we even work on Sundays to gather produce, and the hours add up.” He currently has 70 workers helping him as of now during this planting and harvesting season.

The next harvest for Brett will be July when he gathers corn with soybeans to be harvested in September. As of now, all of his planted irrigated crops are off to a good start. “I am optimistic about the weather forecast for the dry land crop,” he said. The broccoli and cabbage crop are shaping up to look like a bumper crop this season.

Broccoli and cabbage will be planted again in this upcoming August and September.

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