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Down on the Farm with… Zane Jordan

Zane Jordan, an Emanuel County native, started farming only six years ago after his father-in-law needed help and hired him on, but he got his inspiration to farm from his grandfather.

“I guess my granddaddy inspire me to farm. He would always tell me stories about how he used to farm in the old days,” said Jordan.

He is also amazed by what one seed can do. “Another thing that inspires me is the fact that you can put one tiny seed into the ground and watch it grow into a harvestable crop or watching that mama cow have a calf and raise it.”

Jordan is also in the process of growing his own operation to follow in his elder’s footsteps as a cattle farmer. He owns 50 head of brood cows, and he raises calves to sell every year.

On top of cattle farming, Jordan also plants 70 acres of grain in a year.

He believes thanking a farming is very important, especially by supporting the farmers in the community. “I feel like people can thank farmers by buying direct from the farmers, anything from beef to produce. It means a lot when somebody calls and needs something, makes us feel like what we’re doing is wanted and appreciated,” Jordan said. “I give thanks to my father-in law, Scott Skrine, for teaching me all I know about row crop. I also thank Mr. Mace Henry for teaching me and helping me so much with my cattle.”

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