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Drake named interim EMS director for Emanuel County

Nicky Drake of Summertown has been named Emanuel Medical Center’s interim director for Emanuel County Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

The decision became effective October 18, 2021 after former director Courtney Terwilleger assumed the role of Emanuel County Public Safety Coordinator.

This, in conjunction with the exciting and new designation of EMC as a Level IV trauma center, as well as a $350,000 grant toward improvement of care for critically injured trauma patients in rural Georgia, is part of a slew of exciting updates at the small-town medical center.

Drake has been a loyal employee of Emanuel Medical Center since 1997. He graduated from Emanuel County Institute in 1996, Southeastern Tech as an EMT Intermediate in 1997, and Swainsboro’s paramedic program in 2004. Drake has been a certified ambulance compliance officer since 2017. He also joined the Georgia EMS Leadership Program in the same year.

Just as he was, Drake raised his own family in Emanuel County. He is married to Calli Drake. Together, they have 4 daughters: Avery, Kaibry, Layla, and Henley.

Drake has worn many hats in the EMC community. He has worked as shift supervisor and has been an instructor for basic life support, advanced cardiac life support, and pediatric advanced life support. Additionally, he has been assistant director of emergency medical services, a regional EMS councilman, and chairman of the Regional Trauma Advisory Sub-Committee.

This has been a whirlwind of events for Drake.

“Friday, October 15, I was contacted about taking the position, and it was made official Monday, October 18,” he explained. “Several meetings led up to this decision. I feel honored to be selected for this position. I look forward to serving my team and the community.”

Though Drake’s history is impressive and he has proven to be more than capable, he still comments he has “big shoes to fill” with Terwilliger being a 43-year director.

Drake will continue to work closely with Terwilleger in his new role and hopes to live up to his expectations.

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