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Durden signs with Dallas Cowboys

By Justin Gray

Former ECI standout David Durden has accomplished yet another feat. After great workouts and meetings with NFL teams, David waited to see where he was going. Just a few minutes after the draft finished he received a call from the Dallas Cowboys with the opportunity to sign with them.

With this accomplishment, Durden has now been a professional in two sports, baseball (drafted by the Boston Red Sox) and football. What a journey it has been for Durden to this point and it will only get better. With being a professional athlete in two sports, Durden is arguably the greatest athlete to ever come from Emanuel County.

If all goes well, you can expect to turn your TVs on this fall and see David taking the field with the Dallas Cowboys. Congratulations to David on the great accomplishment! Good luck in the NFL and Dallas!

David Durden is headed to Dallas

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