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ECI concludes ’21–’22 school year with end-of-year honors program for underclassmen

The annual high school honors day program for Emanuel County Institute was held Tuesday, May 10, at 10:30 a.m. in the school auditorium. At that time, students in grades nine through 11 were recognized for their academic achievements, leadership, and literary participation during the 2021-2022 school year.

The program began with a welcome and recognition of special guests by Martha Grace Woodward and the singing of the National Anthem by Joshua Flanders, then school counselor Elizabeth Kraus and guest presenter Jasmine Reese of East Georgia State College gave out special presentations.

Following the presentations of awards by special guests and ECI faculty, assistant principal Brooke Frye, intervention specialist Sondra Cowart, and Elizabeth Kraus presented awards and Academic Es to deserving students. Assistant Principal Brooke Frye congratulated the award recipients and expressed thanks to all attending the ceremony.

Elizabeth Millsaps delivered the closing remarks.

Awards and presentations were as follows:

Natalie Akridge, Bailey Arnold, Caleb Avery, Anna Beasley, Sullee Boddiford, Shayla Brantley-Stephenson, Landen Canady, Charla Clifton, Damien Davis, Aleigha Ducker, Andrew Grimes, Kelsey Harper, Aubrey Harrison, Christopher Kearson, Sarah Catherine Kraus, Kaylan Lamb, Macie McBride, Samuel McBride, Lawson Mercer, Elizabeth Millsaps, James Myers, Karly Olliff, David Stapleton, Carlin Stewart, Allyson Taylor, William Taylor, and Martha Grace Woodward were recognized for their dual enrollment status at East Georgia State College while Melvin Akridge, Robert Bell, Dustin Colter, Taylor Flakes, James Graham, Jessalyn Green, Robert Hatten, Joshua Hicks, Weston Moore, Madison Murray, Malaina Nasworthy, Jordan Prew, Evan Tapley, and Ashton “Luke” Tapley were recognized for their dual enrollment status at Southeastern Technical College this school year.

Sullee Boddiford, Charla Clifton, Andrew Grimes, Aubrey Harrison, Sarah Catherine Kraus, Lawson Mercer, Elizabeth Millsaps, James Myers, Malaina Nasworthy, Karly Olliff, Bridgett Rachels, Allyson Taylor, William Taylor, and Martha Grace Woodward were celebrated for being EGSC ambassadors for this year’s Bobcat L.E.A.D Society.

Five students—Martha Grace Woodward, Elizabeth Millsaps, Karly Olliff, Lawson Mercer, and William Taylor—received University of Georgia Certificates of Merit.

ECI had five pupils to receive Governor’s Honors. Shanna Wilkerson represented in Agricultural Research, Martha Grace Woodward represented in Science, Lawson Mercer represented in Mathematics, Landen Canady represented in Communicative Arts, and Sarah Catherine Kraus represented in Visual Arts. All of these individuals were selected at the county level to complete state application packets. Ultimately, Mercer, Canady, and Kraus were selected to travel to Berry College for a state interview.

Freshman Halli Kate Johnson, sophomore Alaina Conley, and junior Natalie Akridge were all celebrated for penning their respective grade’s winning essay for the Young Georgia Authors Writing Competition.

Numerous department awards were handed out last Monday. Winners included Halli Kate Johnson in Basic Agriculture and Audio/Video I; Natalie Akridge in Horticulture; Lawson Mercer in Agricultural Mechanics I; Samuel McBride in Agricultural Mechanics II; Aarchchige Dhahami Salgado in Visual Arts/Comprehensive I, 10th Language Arts, Spanish I, and Spanish II; Mariah Boyd in Visual Arts /Comprehensive II; Karly Olliff in Visual Arts/Comprehensive IV and U.S. History; Jackelyn Hebert in High School Band I; Brack Fagler in High School Band II; Conner Merier in High School Band III and Government; Janna Scott in Introduction to Business and Technology; Sullee Boddiford in Business and Technology; Malaina Nasworthy in Business Communications; Madalyn Jones in Foundations of Engineering; Abbey Marsh in Foundations of Engineering; William Taylor in Engineering Concepts and Food Science; Grace Swygert in Audio/Video I; Gavin Gay in Audio/Video III; Jacob Avery in Food Nutrition and Wellness, 9th Language Arts, World History, and Biology; Jarei Oglesby in Food for Life; Aidan Green in JROTC Army Leadership Education I; Nicholas Newkirk in JROTC Army Leadership Education II; Dean Woods in JROTC Army Leadership Education III; Landen Canady in American Literature; Allie Rigdon in Algebra I; Charles Rehberg in Geometry; Martha Grace Woodward in Algebra II; Bridgett Rachels in Physical Science; Elizabeth Millsaps in Chemistry; Emily Rachels in Environmental Science; and Gabriel Lee in Health/Personal Fitness.

Combined, 66 students earned Academic Es for this school year.

Jacob Avery, Michaela Barquet, Nataleigh Belcher, Kendall Brannen, Matti Cochran, Raelyn Frederick, Ethan Goodman, Aralyn Grimes, Kinley Grimes, Jesse Hirschy, Halli Kate Johnson, Billy Jones, Madalyn Jones, Jayna Kearson, Mylie Lane, William Lawrence, Gabriel Lee, Jacob Q. McBride, Emily Rachels, Allie Rigdon, Janna Scott, JaMyra Shivers, Grace Swygert, Robert Waters, Sean Wilkerson, Smith Willoughby, and Ethan Woods made up the 27 freshmen recipients.

Just 10 sophomores made the cut: Blake Librizzi, Conner Merier, Ansley Moxley, Jarei Oglesby, Haley Patel, Brailey Radford, Charles Rehberg, Dhahami Salgado, William Sasser, and Jack Walden.

The largest group of Academic E recipients were juniors. The remaining 29 of the 66 honorees consisted of Natalie Akridge, Jacey Allen, Bailey Arnold, Caleb Avery, Anna Kate Beasley, Sullee Boddiford, Charla Clifton, John Conner, Damien Davis, Jacob Durden, Andrew Grimes, Kelsey Harper, Aubrey Harrison, Kellie Howell, Lawson Mercer, Elizabeth Millsaps, Madison Murray, James Myers, Malaina Nasworthy, Karly Olliff, Brigett Rachels, Caroline Salinas, Rafael Silva-Estrada, Myia Steele, Carlin Stewart, Allyson Taylor, William Taylor, Shanna Wilkerson, and Martha Grace Woodward.

In order to receive an Academic E, students must have made Honor Roll or Star Honor Roll for the first three grading periods and have an overall average of 93 or higher.

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