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ECI FBLA members visit Emanuel County Courthouse

Members of ECI FBLA recently toured the courthouse in Swainsboro.

Kristin Hall, Emanuel County Clerk of Superior Court, began the tour by speaking with members about the importance of knowing the different offices within the courthouse. She gave a general outline of the offices and the significance of each.

The students started the tour in Hall’s office, where she talked to the members about the duties and responsibilities of the clerk of court. In her office, students gained the knowledge of where to view public records and apply for passports.

Hall then led members to the office of Don Wilkes. The Emanuel County probate judge talked to the members about the roles of his court. Students learned about the records that are kept in Wilkes’s office, and they learned this is the office to apply for birth certificates and even their future marriage license.

Next, students met with magistrate judge Dawn Braddy. Upon arrival in her office, Corporal Ashley Riner was entering to receive a warrant, thus, members were able to watch the process. Also while inside this office, students learned the importance of the county’s trash service, which amazed the students.

Finally, FBLA members went to the sheriff’s office, where Jeffrey Brewer talked to members about day-to-day operations in the office and how inmates are handled, and the tour concluded with students getting to experience a day in court by listening to current cases as the Honorable Judge Reeves discussed the process of court while in session.

ECI FBLA members who went on the tour included: Bailey Arnold, Michaela Barquest, Nataleigh Belcher, Sullee Boddiford, Alaina Conley, Salma Cueva, Parker Frederick, Lawson Frye, Karime Gonzalez, Alaya Hudson, Madalyn Jones, Wallee Kersey, Amelia Meadows, Faith Mincey, Ansley Moxley, Jarai Oglesby, Brailey Radford, Allie Rigdon, Lily Kate Robertson, Will Sasser, Ally Taylor, Karmen Thompson, and Smith Willoughby.

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