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ECI middle school gives out end-of-year honors

On Tuesday, May 10, middle school students at Emanuel County Institute were honored for academic excellence.

The ceremony began with Lola Walden delivering a welcome, then Aubrey Hudson led the Pledge of Allegiance. Elizabeth Kraus, ECI counselor, and Mrs. Sondra Cowart, intervention specialist, aided by ECI teachers, awarded highest averages in each academic subject as well as middle school connections classes.

Students were also honored for receiving Honor and Star Honor Roll for the year, Academic Es, and other special awards.

Kraus then awarded the top three eighth graders with the Presidential Award, and Brooke Frye, ECI assistant principal, delivered closing remarks. Samadhi Salgado ended the program and thanked the assembled for coming to celebrate the students’ successes.

Awards and presentations were as follows:

Of all the students in their respective classes, Lawson Frye, Madison Bell, and eighth grader Samadhi Salgado had the highest average in every course, including math, language arts, science, and social studies.

The highest band averages went to Jacob Hughes, JoAnna Arms, and Braeden Hooks.

Braylen Lanier, Chailey Whitehead, and Madison Walker had the highest averages in physical education for sixth, seventh, and eighth grades respectively.

Patron Mack and Tuff Boddiford won highest average awards for weight training, and Jonna Woodward, Slayden Lanigan, and Samadhi Salgado earned the highest marks in math connections for their classes.

Rounding out the last of highest average winners were Dawson Goodman, Blaise Oliver, and Lola Walden, all of whom were awarded in agriculture.

Lawson Frye raked in several awards. He was one of three school-level winners of the Young Georgia Authors Writing Competition, and he went on to win at the system level for sixth grade. Lawson was also one of his grade’s top Accelerated Reader winners as well as one of his grade’s Green Dot Standards review honorees in the subject of math.

Jayden Purvis and Lola Walden were the school’s other two winners in the Young Georgia Authors Writing Competition.

Jackson Cavanah joined Braeden Hooks in winning the DAR Essay Competition.

In addition to her other previously mentioned awards, Lola Walden won the DAR Youth Citizenship Medal.

Other top Accelerated Readers included Ni’Lah Sapp, Reese Raines, and Aaron Spears.

Avery Snellgrove, Jonna Woodward, Tylaun Baker, and Aaron Sheppard also took home Green Dot Standards review awards in the area of sixth grade math, Caidence Gordon, MaKaylin Mincey, Lawson Frye, Ni’Lah Sapp, and Jackson Cavanah received Green Dot Standards review awards for sixth grade English/language arts, Deryon Stapleton, Ashton McNear, Blaise Oliver, Claire Akridge, and Ryver Tharpe were awarded Green Dot Standards review honors for seventh grade English/language arts, and Gunner Johnson, Slayden Lanigan, Aniston O’Dell, Gage Johnson, and Ashton McNear were recognized for performing well on Green Dot Standards review in the subject area of seventh grade math.

Nineteen ECI middle schoolers were inducted as new members of the Junior Beta Club. These individuals included: Alyssa Barnes, Jackson Cavanah, Wendell Coleman, Mason Collins, Lawson Frye, Dawson Goodman, Hadleigh Henry, Leta Kellum, Braylen Lanier, Evan May, Amelia Meadows, Charley Mitchell, Morgan Nee, Robert Reynolds, Jenna Grace Roberson, Mary-Ella Walden, Hayden Wilson, Joni Wimberly, and Jonna Woodward.

Total, 34 students were recognized for receiving Honor Roll for the last quarter of the school year. This list includes 15 sixth graders: Tylaun Baker, Alyssa Barnes, Mason Collins, Kylie Cordell, Hayden Henry, Leta Kellum, Evan May, Robert Reynolds, Brylee Rountree, Aaron Sheppard, Avery Snellgrove, Lane VanHorn, Terrance Weaver, Hayden Wilson, and Joni Wimberly; 16 seventh graders: Dylan Akridge, JoAnna Arms, ShayLynn Brantley, Turner Bryant, Landon Frederick, Jaliya Gordon, Gage Johnson, Gunner Johnson, Ab Marsh, Aaron Matthews, Ashton McNear, Aniston O’Dell, Jayden Purvis, Reese Raines, Zoey Robertson, and Carter Sutton; and three eighth graders: Braeden Hooks, Jacob McBride, and Erin Stanford.

An overall smaller group of students were celebrated for making Star Honor Roll for the last nine weeks. Of the 18 total recipients were nine sixth graders: Jackson Cavanah, Lawson Frye, Hadleigh Henry, Amelia Meadows, Charley Mitchell, Cesar Salinas, Judson Underwood, Mary-Ella Walden, and Jonna Woodward; four seventh graders: Maverick Allen, Madison Bell, Davis Johnson, and Slayden Lanigan; and five eighth graders: Jaiden Brown, Aubrey Hudson, Samadhi Salgado, Carly Salinas, and Lola Walden.

Academic E awards were then bestowed to 34 students, including sixth graders Tylaun Baker, Alyssa Barnes, Jackson Cavanah, Mason Collins, Lawson Frye, Hadleigh Henry, Amelia Meadows, Charley Mitchell, Brylee Rountree, Cesar Salinas, Avery Snellgrove, Judson Underwood, Mary-Ella Walden, Joni Wimberly, and Jonna Woodward, seventh graders Dylan Akridge, Maverick Allen, JoAnna Arms, Madison Bell, Diana Blanco, ShayLynn Brantley, Davis Johnson, Gunner Johnson, Gage Johnson, Slayden Lanigan, Ashton McNear, Reese Raines, Zoey Robertson, and Carter Sutton, and eighth graders Jaiyden Brown, Braeden Hooks, Aubrey Hudson, Samadhi Salgado, Carly Salinas, and Lola Walden.

In order to receive an Academic E, students must have made Honor Roll or Star Honor Roll for the first three grading periods and have an overall average of 93 or higher.

Last but not least, three students— Samadhi Salgado, Lola Walden, and Aubrey Hudson—were given Presidential Awards.

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