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ECS celebrate Georgia agriculture

Emanuel County Schools celebrate the contribution of agriculture in our everyday lives with hands-on activities that help our students understand how food and products are produced and value the essential role of agriculture in our economy.

With the help of Dr. Shannon Lawrence, ECS’s School of Career Coordinator, Swainsboro Primary School students from Andrea Davis, Devin Coxwell, and Laney Waters’ classrooms planted apple and plum fruit trees and blackberries and blueberry bushes. Dr. Lawerence taught the students the benefits of these pollinating plants to our environment. He talked about the importance of having good rich soil and how the plants should be planted. He discussed the amount of light, water, and space each tree and bush should have to grow and produce yummy fruit. The day’s activity tied directly to the first-grade Georgia Standards.

SPS students move a raised bed

Waters' class shows they aren't afraid of getting their hands dirty

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