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ECSO Report

911 received a call from a witness who noticed a potential domestic dispute in progress while traveling down Highway 80. Deputies made a traffic stop on the vehicle that the caller described. The woman, the offender, was seen on video attempting to hit the victim, the male, with her car. The victim refused to press charges, but the offender was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Deputies responded to a residence on John Deere Rd in reference to the complainant’s trail camera being stolen and his duck decoys being shot.

Deputies responded to Highway 46, as the victim’s john boat and a tool box had bullet holes in them. He was away from the residence for several days, and returned to find his property had been shot at. The victim stated that he had issues previously with neighbors trespassing and squatting on his property.

Deputies assisted with a tractor-trailer fire on Highway 1. The tractor-trailer was towed.

Deputies received a call concerning a domestic dispute between a long-term couple in progress. On scene, the victim had obvious injuries, and the kitchen of the residence was covered in blood and food. The victim was cooking Christmas dinner when the dispute began. The offender was arrested.

Deputies received a call concerning an abandoned vehicle parked off of the roadway in the complainant’s yard for over 3 days. The homeowner requested the vehicle be towed.

Deputies assisted with a potential domestic dispute in progress involving a firearm. On scene, there was no firearm, and the altercation was said to be verbal, not physical. The parties separated for the evening.

911 received a call stating that the complainant was being followed on the roadway by another car. When deputies met with the complainant, it was discovered the caller knew the suspect, and it was a family dispute.

Deputies assisted with traffic control during a structure fire on Highway 23. There were no injuries, and the chimney fire caused minor damage to the roof.

Deputies assisted with a small electrical fire on Fowler Road.

A woman on Halls Bridge Rd called 911, as there was an unknown male at her home, beating on her door. The woman told 911 she had a firearm for her protection. On scene, the caller and her brother had the suspect held at gunpoint on the ground outside of the back door. The offender was irate and belligerent, so he was detained for safety. The offender did not know where he was, and stated several times to deputies that he “had a bomb” and was just “trying to protect them.” It became apparent that the offender was heavily intoxicated. He was arrested for

disorderly conduct and booked without further incident.

Deputies took a report concerning vehicle maintenance services that were paid for, in the value of $6,000, yet the services had not been rendered.

A witness called 911, as a local homeless man was asleep in a parking lot in Twin City. The man was said to have seizures while heavily intoxicated. On scene, the man was evaluated by EMS. No criminal violations were made.

Deputies responded to Twin View for a combative patient. Twin View did not want to keep the patient. The patient was voluntarily checked out by EMS, and escorted by a deputy to the hospital.

Deputies responded to a call from a third party reporting a dispute between an unmarried couple. There were no physical altercations. Deputies advised of remedies available through the magistrate court for separation of property.

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