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ECSO Reports

Reports from The Emanuel County Sheriffs Office under the leadership of Sheriff Jeffery Brewer are as follows:

Deputies responded to a location on Highway 1 in reference to a domestic dispute. The complainant advised that an offender had kicked his door in and attacked her inside a witness’s home. The complainant advised that the offender is jealous because of relationship issues. The offender was taken in for disorderly conduct. All parties were advised to seek a remedy through the courts.

A deputy was dispatched to The Roadway Inn for a vehicle unlock. The vehicle was unlocked without incident or damages.

Deputies made contact with a complainant via work phone in reference to a criminal trespass incident concerning a suspect identified by the complainant. The complainant expressed interest in obtaining a protection order against the suspect. The complainant was advised of the legal process to do so.

A deputy was dispatched to a complainant’s address in reference to a vehicle collision. The complaint reported hitting a deer causing extensive damage to the front of his vehicle.

A complainant reported that her neighbors keep cutting through her yard in their vehicle despite the no trespassing sign in the yard. No contact was made with the neighbors.

A deputy met with a complainant at the sheriff’s office to report an animal collision. The vehicle sustained moderate damage.

A deputy was dispatched to Old Savannah Road in reference to a tree being down and blocking the roadway.

A driver was pulled over for having a defective headlight. The vehicle was found to have no insurance. The vehicle was towed by LRS towing.

A deputy was dispatched to North College Street in reference to threats. The complainant advised that his brother had called and threatened him and other family members.

A complainant reported an unwanted person on his property. The complaint advised that the offender returned continuously despite no trespassing signs and a fence.

A victim reported potential fraud for her unemployment payments.

A deputy unlocked a vehicle for an Emanuel County resident. There were no incidents or damage.

A complainant reported that his aunt was abusing his grandmother. The complainant reported that the aunt had defrauded the grandmother and late grandfather of signing power of attorney papers.

A deputy met with a complainant who reported that a neighbor cut down pine trees and dumped them behind her fence on their property.

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