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ECSO Reports: for Week of June 22, 2022

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Deputies responded to Highway 57 East in reference to items stolen out of a vehicle. Upon arrival, the complainant advised that he heard his alarm going off and when he checked his truck, he discovered the rear passenger door open. Items such as a speaker, am, arrowheads, and .22 caliber mag rounds were found to be missing from inside the truck. The complainant stated that he last saw the items in his vehicle around 20:00 on 06/19/2022. Deputies found some visible prints on the doors of the vehicle and notified an investigator. The investigator followed up on the scene. Complainant advised of a factory speaker box with amp missing and a box of .22 caliber ammunition.

Deputies were dispatched to Nunez-Lexsy Road in reference to a caller advising subjects were trying to fight him. Upon arrival, a reporting deputy met with the caller. The caller stated he had been threatened by subjects across the road. The reporting deputy spoke to several subjects in the location offender described. It was advised caller had come to the location causing

Deputies were dispatched to Canoochee Bypass in reference to an unwanted person. Upon arrival, the reporting deputy met with the complainant. The complainant stated the unwanted person left prior to the deputy's arrival. The complainant stated the offender showed up at his residence uninvited and was let inside by the complainant's mother. The complainant stated he was asleep at the time and awoke to the offender standing over him. The complainant stated he and the offender were previously in a relationship but have been separated for approx. 2 weeks. The complainant stated he wanted the offender to stay away from him and his residence. The complainant advised that the offender left when 911 was called. The complainant was referred to Emanuel County Courts for further assistance should the issue continue.

Deputies responded to Asa Lindsey Rd. in reference to an altercation that occurred at an address on Watson Street. Upon arrival, the complainant stated that she was at her boyfriend’s house, and she had an altercation with his ex-wife. The complainant advised that the two were arguing and when she tried to leave, the offender grabbed her from her hair and snatched her down on the steps and started to hit on her. The complainant advised that she then got up and left the area. Deputies then observed a mark on the complainant's face and took a photo. Deputies then went to 523 Watson St. and contacted the boyfriend. He advised that the three were sitting on the porch discussing some issues that had been going on. The boyfriend stated that the complainant had refused to leave the property and started walking toward the offender. The male then stated that the offender got up quickly as the complainant approached and grabbed her by the hair. He stated that the offender was probably defending herself and that he grabbed the offender and forced her inside the home and the complainant left. The offender was gone prior to the deputy’s arrival and the complainant was advised of the process to seek in resolving this matter further.

Deputies were dispatched to Nunez-Lexsy Road in reference to a domestic dispute. The offender and complainant were advised to have been in a verbal altercation. Parties at the residence wished for the offender to leave the location. The offender agreed to go to a friend’s residence for the night. The reporting deputy transported the offender to this location. Jail: 237-8771

A victim stated that a suspect, who is her brother came to work on her car. She claims they got into an argument about his dog chewing on some of her property. The victim stated the suspect got angry and busted her side mirror on her 2005 Ford Taurus. He also threatened to kill her. He hrew a cooler top and stool at her, but ultimately missed hitting her. He then left in her 2000 Honda Civic. Deputies found the suspect and the car at the trailer park and talked to the suspect. The suspect denied wrongdoing. A deputy got the keys out of the stolen car and returned them to the victim. The deputy also advised the suspect that the victim didn't want him on her property anymore, and if he did go on it, he could be charged with trespassing.

A deputy responded to a fire at Hadden's Junkyard. Upon arrival found an old camper on fire that was close to the property line back toward Crestview Trailer Park. Swainsboro, Twin City, Canoochee, Dellwood Fire Departments, and Georgia Forestry responded. By the time they arrived several vehicles were on fire. After the fire was contained, Delwood Fire Department found an area they believe the fire started. The law enforcement officers determined that kids were playing with fireworks or fire and accidentally started the fire.

A victim contacted the Emanuel County Sheriffs’ Office through the Detention Center in reference to a report of a stolen vehicle. The victim stated that she had loaned her vehicle to her daughter's boyfriend on 06/09/2022 for the purposes of using it for a trip to Florida with an understanding that the vehicle would be returned on 06/12/2022. The victim would go on to state that she had last been in contact with the pair five days prior & further stated that she knew the vehicle was in Polk County, Florida. The victim further stated that she had since then been unable to contact either party in regard to the vehicle. A BOLO was issued for the described vehicle.

Minor damage to a residence on 5th Avenue was reported by a complainant. The damage consists of visible damage to the undercarriage of structure. The damage in question was caused when the rear driver side of a vehicle detached from the wheel assembly & struck the residence.

Deputies were dispatched to the area of Hadden's Trailer Park in reference to shots fired. After riding the area, shots were heard coming from another area on the highway. Deputies did not locate the subjects firing the shots, but determined they were coming from a wooded area well off the roadway and away from any residences.

Deputies were dispatched to Bonsue Drive in reference to a complainant receiving threatening phone calls. The complainant stated that the offenders called him and stated they were traveling to the Moose Lodge in Swainsboro to kill him. The complainant stated this was due to an incident that occurred a short time prior between himself and his daughter at the Moose Lodge. Complainant stated offenders to state they wanted to kill the complainant for striking his daughter during the previously noted incident. The complainant was referred to Magistrate and advised of the warrant procedure.

Deputies responded to a location on Highway 80 East in reference to several buildings that had been broken into. Upon arrival, c/p advised that she noticed two buildings that had padlocks that had been damaged and removed and another building where someone had tampered with the hinges to gain access. The complainant stated that she last checked and visibly saw the building secure about 3 weeks prior. The complainant did not notice anything missing at the time of the report and was advised to go through the buildings thoroughly later and notify the office of any items missing.

Deputies responded to Bird Flanders Road in reference to a dog attack. Upon arrival, the complainant advised that he was coming home on the above road and saw the suspect’s three pit bull dogs running loose on the road. The complainant stated that the dogs then started attacking his neighbor/victim and the complainant advised that he had to almost run the dogs over to keep them from continuing the attack. The complainant advised that the same dogs had attacked his son weeks prior while walking on the road and he was concerned for his bleeding neighbor. Deputies went to the victim’s residence and were unable to contact anyone. Deputies contacted the dog owner. The suspect then advised that the victim was her uncle, and he was with her husband in town. The suspect advised that the dog that bit her uncle had gotten out of the yard. Deputies advised her to keep dogs on leash or fenced in to avoid further incidents. Deputies then received a call from Emanuel Medical Center in reference to the victim was there seeking medical attention for his encounter with dogs. The deputy spoke with the victim, and he advised that he was walking on the road and two dogs started attacking him. The victim advised that his neighbor scared them away and he was able to get away. The victim had several large wounds on his right forearm and other small scratches and bites on his left side. The victim was advised of the process to seek through the courts to resolve this matter further.

Deputies were dispatched to the school in Adrian in reference to an alarm. A motion was advised to be in the dining area. The keyholder requested dispatch but advised they would not be responding. Upon arrival, the location was found to be surrounded by a fence and a locked gate. From outside the fence, the building appeared to be secure.

Deputies were dispatched to Kudzu Trail for a welfare check. A caller stated she hadn't been able to contact the other party since the previous day. Upon arrival, deputies met with a male resident of the location who advised witness was away from home at the time. The male advised witness had been having phone issues, but he would advise her to contact the complainant.

Deputies responded to Hendley Proctor Road in reference to a tree blocking the roadway. Upon arrival, the roadway was blocked by a tree and down power lines, and EMC and the road department were notified, no further information at this time.

A complainant filed a report at the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office in reference to fraudulent activity. The complainant stated that he had received messages from different people through Facebook Messenger stating for him to go get gift cards from various places and take photos of the cards and send them to them. He received messages from his pastor’s wife and a friend about applying for an EDU Grant. The complainant also tried to pay for more cards at Roses which was said to have not gone through, but when the complainant looked at his account, it had gone through. Since these transactions occurred the complainant closed his account at Person's Bank and opened a different account. The complainant was advised to change his password on his Facebook.

A deputy responded to a call regarding bricks having been thrown through the windows of a residence. At the location on North 2nd street in Twin City, the deputy spoke with a complainant who stated that two bricks were thrown through the windows on the front of his house. The complainant advised that he had suspected a former employee was the vandal. The front windows of the home were shattered along with a hole that was knocked into the drywall in the living room. There was no one home at the time the accident occurred. There were no reported injuries.

A deputy met with a complainant at the Sheriff’s Office, and he stated that he had lost his tag.

A deputy was called to a report of a subject asleep on the bench in front of Oak Island Restaurant. Upon arrival, found the offender asleep on the bench. A trooper also arrived on the scene. The trooper ran the offender’s information and found out he was on Parole out of Savannah. The deputy spoke to the Parole Officer who stated that she was going to take a warrant out on him for parole violations.

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