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ECSO Reports

Reports from Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office, under the leadership of Sheriff Jeffrey Brewer, are as follows:

An employee with Excelsior EMC was out checking on old service locations. He found a live power line down with grass grown over it. It was apparent the trailer was moved, as well as the power pole, leaving the live line on the ground. The line was disconnected.

A complainant stated that the “bump” in Crossing Green was more of a hole, as it caused damage to her tires. A report was filed.

A deputy observed a driver going 71 mph in a 45 mph zone and initiated a traffic stop. It was discovered the driver had a suspended license as well as warrants from Johnson county. The offender was handed over to Johnson county.

A deputy observed a driver going 73 mph in a 55 mph zone and initiated a traffic stop. The driver had a warrant for battery out of Washington county. The driver was transported to Emanuel county jail for hold for Washington county and given traffic citations. The vehicle was left off of the roadway for the driver’s mother to pick up.

A complainant contacted Emanuel County Sheriff's Office to report that his landlord was parked in front of his home taking pictures. The complainant made contact with the landlord, and the landlord claimed that the pictures were to be used in court concerning past due rent. The complainant stated that they had the money that was due, but would not be paying until the well was fixed, as they had already been to court about this issue and nothing had been done yet.

A complainant contacted 911 to report someone was threatening his daughter with a gun. The complainant stated that his children and the offender were riding in the car, and an altercation occurred where the offender was holding a gun to the daughter’s head, threatening to shoot her. The father told them over the phone to pull over, and he arrived at their location where he hit the offender several times and took the firearm. The complainant stated that this had happened twice before. The firearm was taken into police custody, and contact was made with the offender. The offender admitted to pointing the firearm at the victim, but stated that the firearm was unloaded. The sights on the firearm were broken, and the offender stated the female broke them.

A complainant reported that his social security number had been used to hack into a life insurance policy he owned, as well as create an account with a buy now, pay later website. The suspect had been to the complainant's residence a few days prior to pick up some of the suspect’s belongings that were left outside. However, a pair of glasses belonging to the suspect were found inside the residence and two firearms were missing. The suspect had made threats to the victim’s parents as well.

A deputy initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle, as the registration had expired and it did not have active insurance. The driver stated that he had insurance, and contacted his insurance provider. It was discovered that the payment had not processed for insurance, and the driver’s license was suspended. There was a citation in plain view in the vehicle for driving with a suspended license. The driver was taken into custody and the vehicle was towed.

Deputies responded to a call concerning dogs being shot by a pellet gun in the complainant’s yard. Upon arrival, none of the dogs had been hit. A report was filed.

Deputies responded to a Swainsboro residence due to a domestic dispute. The two parties were separated, one leaving the residence.

Deputies responded to an Adrian residence, as the caller stated there were unknown people in her yard and in vehicles under her carport. The deputies searched, but found no one at the residence other than the complainant. Despite this, the complainant continued to say she could see people in the vehicles. Deputies contacted the complainant’s family, as it is believed she is suffering from mental health problems.

911 dispatched deputies to an apartment complex in response to a call about a possible prowler. Upon arrival, deputies were unable to locate neither the prowler nor the caller.

Deputies responded to a domestic dispute in progress called in by a neighbor in Adrian. No physical violence had occurred, but one of the parties had punched holes in the wall. The party explained it was due to PTSD. The deputy gave that party information on programs to look into, and both parties left the residence for the night.

Deputies responded to an abandoned vehicle that was left partially in the roadway on Canoochee Garfield Road. The vehicle was towed.

Deputies responded to a call about loud noises coming from a neighbor’s home that were disturbing the complainant. The neighbor was remodeling and hammering nails. The neighbor informed deputies that he would work on something else and keep the noise to a minimum.

Deputies responded to a shots fired call in the area of Hunnicutt Circle. The deputies made contact with several individuals walking the road looking for a lost dog. It was determined one of the individuals was on a go-kart looking for the dog, and the go-kart had back fired, explaining the noise.

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