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Edenfield bags two squirrels

Lora Layne Edenfield was very excited when her daddy picked her up from school and told her they were going squirrel hunting at her Papa and Nana’s house. She goes hunting and fishing often but on this hunt, Lora Layne shot and killed two squirrels all by herself.

Lora Layne is the 7-year-old daughter of Lance and Brianna Edenfield of Nunez. She is the granddaughter of Lynn and Dianne Edenfield of Swainsboro, Jamey and Lisa Edenfield of Nunez, and Lank and Kelley McRae of Lyons.

When it got time to head home, her daddy told her to get in the truck because they had to get home and clean their harvests. Her Nana asked if she knew how to clean a squirrel, to which Lora Layne replied, “No ma’am, but I’m about to learn!”

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