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EGSC employees honored at annual recognition program

Each year at East Georgia State College’s fall workshop, faculty and staff come together to meet about the upcoming school year. During that workshop, the annual Service Excellence Awards Program is held.

At the Service Excellence Awards event, outstanding faculty and staff were acknowledged. Employees achieving service milestones were presented awards for their dedication and service. In addition, STAR Staff awards were presented to top staff members in each department, and Distinguished Faculty awards were presented to top faculty members in the academic schools.

The first awards given out, the Service Milestone Awards, were for years of service. Walter Mason was awarded the 30 years of service award. Karen Curl, Teresa Oglesby, Mary Smith, and John Smoyer were recognized for serving the college for 20 years. Additionally, three people were recognized this year for their 15 years of service to the college: Jeniba Dart, Desmal Purcell, and Tori Kearns.

Nine people have served the college for 10 years: Shawna Williams, Eric Wruck, Damon Andrews, Michael Ducker, Cliff Gay, Jing Kersey, Georgia Mathews-Beasley, Julius Schneider, and Yelena White. Also, 11 people were recognized for five years of service: James Brady, Beverly Walker, Amanda Douglas, Noah Kamsler, Virginia McAllister, Katelyn Moore, Joe Moser, Joseph Pearson, Martiana Sega, Sheila Wentz, and Meshia Williams.

The next awards were the awards for STAR Staff of the Year and Distinguished Faculty Awards. The recipients of these awards were chosen by their department heads.

In the STAR Staff of the Year category, four people were recognized. They were as follows: Mary Smith for the President’s Office, Terri Brown for Information Technology, Pamela Adams for Business Affairs, and Akira Sutton for Student Affairs.

The Distinguished Faculty of the Year Awards were presented next during the program. These award recipients were selected from exceptional faculty who show innovation in instruction, commitment to student success, and contribution to the mission and goals of the college. They also consider professional achievement and commitment to diversity.

Dr. Carlos Cunha was awarded the Distinguished Faculty of the Year award for Academic Affairs. Armond Boudreaux and Deborah Lee were both recognized for the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. For the School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Antre Drummer and John Smoyer were recognized.

EGSC’s success as an access institution is strengthened by its dedicated faculty and staff, who are focused on helping every student achieve a college degree. EGSC would like to thank the faculty and staff for their hard work each year.

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