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Emanuel County Board of Education meet

By Mike Williams

The Emanuel County Board of Education held its monthly meeting on Tuesday, June 14, 2022 at 5:30 p.m. at the Central Office with the following members in attendance: John Allen Bailey, Phyllis Dixon, Mason Henry, Johnny Parker and Sandra Swinney. Absent were Del Brown and Tanya Lane. Chairman Mason Henry welcomed everyone calling the meeting to order and delivered the invocation followed by Johnny Parker leading the Pledge of Allegiance. The amended agenda was approved as presented.

Emanuel County Schools superintendent Scotty Hattaway began the meeting by giving the board an update on the Communities in Schools application. The board approved the submission of this application. School nutrition coordinator Chandra Hooks then gave an update.

Twelve items were up for discussion on the agenda which included the minutes form the May 10th board meeting, financial and budget reports, bank bis, superintendent moving expenses, 2022 contract with Family Connections, FY22 SRO agreement, SHS/ECI tennis courts, maintenance truck, student handbook bid, SES book disposal, and GSBA risk management renewal. The minutes were approved as presented.

The board then went into executive session. Upon returning the following certified employments were approved:

Cunningham, Shannon, teacher; Godowns, Donna, CTA Head of School 49%; Hooks,Kimberley, Farm to School Coord. 49%; Palmer, Lecarrie, teacher; Parker Amelia, teacher; Street, Amber, teacher; Tanner, James, teacher; Walker, Kimiko, PE teacher.

The Board approved the employment of the following classified employees:

Allen, Sandra, para; Cheeks, Tylicia, para; Conley, Jessica, MTSS para; Cowart, Katie, sub school nurse; Dowd, Courtney, school nurse; Garrett, Yachi, sub school nurse; Griggs, Morgan, sub school nurse; Jones, Carrie, para; Jones, Alison, MTSS para; McNeal, Carolyn, para; Olliff, Kara, MTSS para; Rich, Harley, MTSS para; Riner, Bryanna, MTSS para; Screws, Hannah, MTSS para; Scruggs, Krystal, secretary;

Smith, Caitlin, caregiver.

The Board approved the resignation of the following certified employees:

Anderson, Kelly, counselor; Harris, Felecia, teacher; Korwin, Joseph, teacher;

Obodoako, Morgan, teacher; Thomas, Martha, teacher; Wilson, Michelle, teacher; Vashaw, Frank, teacher.

The Board approved the resignation of the following classified employee:

Walden, Ann, clerical.

The Board approved the transfer of the following classified employee:

Dolph, Teresa, para.

The Board approved the retirement of the following classified employee:

Hill, Cherry, transportation secretary.

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