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Emanuel County Ferst Reader Winners

Emanuel County Ferst Readers Team wishes to congratulate all of the participants in the Book Character contest who together raised $11, 469. Total books purchase from the entire group's efforts is 3,823!

The contest took place throughout the month of October. Twenty very special people with a heart for children raised this amazing total by asking for votes/donations from their friends, families, colleagues, and the community. The Ferst Readers program sends quality books to the homes of children under 5 years of age to support reading in the home and ultimately improve kindergarten readiness. Early childhood literacy is a big focus for Emanuel County Family Connection who partnered with the participants to raise the money that will now provide 319 Emanuel County children with books for a year.

The Team would like to give special thanks to the top three "Characters''

3rd Place, Petite Garrett 422 votes = 35 children years sponsorship

2nd Place, Gail Greenway 514 votes = 43 children years sponsorship

1st Place, Bailey Creamer 654 votes = 55 children years sponsorship

If you live in Emanuel County and have a child under the age of five, you can register your child for free books at

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