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Emanuel County Institute Honors Night May 11, 2023

The Senior Scholarship and Honors Night Program for Emanuel County Institute was held Monday, May 11, 2023, at 6:00 PM in the school auditorium. At that time, Seniors were recognized for their academic achievements, leadership, and scholarships awarded during the 2022-2023 school year.

The program began with a welcome and recognition of special guests by Mrs. Elizabeth Kraus and Martha Grace Woodward and a rendition of the National Anthem by Mr. Kendall Hadden.

The program began with special presentations by Mrs. Elizabeth Kraus, the school counselor, and guest presenters. Among the guest presenters were Taryn Jackson representing East Georgia State College, Daphne Scott representing Southeastern Technical College, Matt Donaldson representing Adam Brinson Historical Society, Inc., Brandon Jones representing the Twin City Lions Club and the Cowart Family, Sondra Fortner representing Family Connection and Jefferson EMC, Martha Cobb representing the Daughters of the American Revolution, Dr. Denise Warnock with the Yeomans and the Missouri Dudley Canady families, Marcia Arrington representing C&G Car Care, Sondra Cowart representing ECI BETA, Jakyn Tyson with Emanuel County 4-H, Joey Goodman with Robins Federal Credit Union, Wade Johnson with Durden Banking, Richard Claxton presenting the American Legion Award, Clois V. Williams with Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Beth Wimberly with the Kappa Omega Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi, SSGT. Adolfo Chavero representing the United States Marine Corps, and Will NeSmith as a representative of Altamaha EMC. Giving memorial scholarships were Randy Canady for the Candace Canady Scholarship, Tabatha Downer for the Taylor Hooks Scholarship, Mary Beth Love and Olivia Boatwright for the Mikey Walker Scholarship, Jeremy and Angel Oliver, and Greg Kennedy for the Braxton Oliver Memorial Scholarship, Jessica Smith and Malaina’s family for the Malaina Nasworthy Memorial Scholarship, Sondra Cowart and Sybil Johnson for the Johnson Coca Cola Scholarship, and John Harrison with Young Farmers giving the Randall Tanner Scholarship.

Following the presentations of awards by special guests and ECI faculty, Anetria Edenfield, principal; Corian Roberson and Brooke Frye, assistant principals; Sondra Cowart, intervention specialist; and Mrs. Elizabeth Kraus, counselor, presented Academic E’s and honor graduates with their honor stoles, certificates, and pins. Principal Anetria Edenfield congratulated the award and scholarship recipients and thanked everyone who attended the ceremony. Elizabeth Millsaps gave closing remarks.

Special recognition awards and presentations were as follows: ECI Star Student, Karly Olliff; ECI Star Teacher, Frank Wimberly; Exchange Club Youth of the Year, Martha Grace Woodward and Lawson Mercer; Exchange Club Youth of the Year Scholarship, Lawson Mercer; DAR Good Citizen and Scholarship, William Taylor; American Legion School Award, Karly Olliff; Coca-Cola Academic Achievement Award, Martha Grace Woodward and Elizabeth Millsaps; East Georgia Leadership Scholarship, Samuel McBride; Jennings Family Scholarship, Allyson Taylor; Adam Brinson Historical Society, Inc. Scholarship, Sarah Catherine Kraus; Lions Club Scholarship, Sarah Catherine Kraus and Karly Olliff; C&G Car Care Scholarship, Joseph Conner; Cowart Family Scholarship, Elizabeth Millsaps; Family Connection Scholarship, Lawson Mercer; Candace Canady Memorial Scholarship, William Taylor; Braxton Oliver Memorial Scholarship, Samuel McBride and Kelsey Harper; Malaina Nasworthy Memorial Scholarship, Jacey Allen and Caroline Salinas; Mikey Walker Memorial Scholarship, Nadia Mendez; Taylor Hooks Memorial Scholarship, Sarah Catherine Kraus; Georgia Foundation for Agriculture, Lawson Mercer; Yeomans Family Scholarship, Sarah Catherine Kraus; Missouri Canady Dudley Scholarship, Sarah Catherine Kraus and Martha Grace Woodward; Family Connection Scholarship, Lawson Mercer; Victory Temple Scholarship, Emiya Hill; Johnson Coca-Cola Scholarship, Sarah Catherine Kraus and Karly Olliff; Pin Hi Scholarship, Sarah Catherine Kraus and Elizabeth Millsaps; Beta Sigma Phi Scholarship, Sarah Catherine Kraus and Martha Grace Woodward; Omega Psi Phi Scholarship, MacKenzie Davis; Zell Miller Scholarship, Lawson Mercer, Martha Grace Woodward, Elizabeth Millsaps, Karly Olliff, and William Taylor; REACH Scholarship, Nadia Mendez and Angel Carrillo.

Athletic Scholarships were awarded as follows: Georgia Southern University, Kelsey Harper; West Georgia University, LaHarry Farnum; Georgia Military College, Shayla Stephenson; South Georgia College, Bryce Kearson; East Georgia State College, Jacob Durden; and Anderson University, Cordarius Lee.

College Scholarships were awarded as follows: Georgia Southern University Senator Jack Hill Memorial Scholarship, James Myers; Georgia Southern University Billy Carmichael Family Scholarship, Kelsey Harper; Georgia Southern University Kelly and Nella Powell Scholarship, Aubrey Harrison; Georgia Southern Housing Scholarship, Aubrey Harrison; Mercer University Merit Scholarship, MacKenzie Davis; ABAC Foundation Scholarship, Shanna Wilkerson; Georgia Ford Dealers Scholarship, Shanna Wilkerson; Emanuel County Livestock Foundation Scholarship, Shanna Wilkerson; ECI Beta Scholarships, Highest GPA, Martha Grace Woodward and Most Beta Points Earned, MacKenzie Davis.

4-H Scholarships were awarded as follows: 4-H Scholarship, Samuel McBride; 4-H Cord Recipients, Samuel McBride and Shanna Wilkerson; Jefferson EMC, Sarah Catherine Kraus; Altamaha EMC, Martha Grace Woodward; Randall Tanner Memorial Scholarship presented by Young Farmers, Lawson Mercer and Andrew Grimes; Robins Federal Credit Union Scholarship, Lawson Mercer; and Durden Banking Company Scholarship, Elizabeth Millsaps.

Georgia Future Educators Signing Day Recognition went to: Abilena Nichols, Bailey Arnold, Maggie Smith, Elizabeth Millsaps and Shanna Wilkerson.

The following U.S. Presidential Scholars Program were acknowledged: Martha Grace Woodward, Lawson Mercer, Karly Olliff, Elizabeth Millsaps and William Taylor. The Georgia Scholar Program award went to Karly Olliff.

The following Citizens Bank Student Advisory Board members were recognized: Caleb Avery, Sullee Boddiford, Landen Canady, Charla Clifton, MacKenzie Davis, Taylor Flakes, Andrew Grimes, Kelsey Harper, Aubrey Harrison, Sarah Catherine Kraus, Kaylan Lamb, Lawson Mercer, Elizabeth Millsaps, Karly Olliff, William Thomas, and Martha Grace Woodward.

Emanuel County Superintendent’s Student Advisory Board recognized members were: MacKenzie Davis, Kimya Heath, Lawson Mercer, and Elizabeth Millsaps.

Blood Connection Donor Cord was: Elizabeth Millsaps.

Dual Enrollment Participants for East Georgia State College were Natalie Akridge, Bailey Arnold, Caleb Avery, Anna Kate Beasley, Sullee Boddiford, Shayla Stephenson-Brantley, Landen Canady, Charla Clifton, MacKenzie Davis, Aleigha Ducker, Andrew Grimes, Kelsey Harper, Aubrey Harrison, Braxton Jones, Bryce Kearson, Sarah Catherine Kraus, Kaylan Lamb, Macie McBride, Samuel McBride, Lawson Mercer, Cordarius Lee, Elizabeth Millsaps, James Myers, Karly Olliff, David Stapleton, Carlin Stewart, Allyson Taylor, William Taylor, and Martha Grace Woodward.

Students graduating with an Associate’s Degree from East Georgia State College were Aubrey Harrison, Sarah Catherine Kraus, and Martha Grace Woodward.

Dual Enrollment Participants for Southeastern Technical College were: Melvin Akridge, Landen Canady, Charla Clifton, Dustin Colter, MacKenzie Davis, Taylor Flakes, James Graham, Jessalyn Green, Andrew Grimes, Aubrey Harrison, Robert Hatten, Haley Henry, Joshua Hicks, Sarah Catherine Kraus, Kaylan Lamb, Lawson Mercer, Elizabeth Millsaps, Weston Moore, Madison Murray, Jordan Prew, Ashton Tapley, Evan Tapley, Allyson Taylor, William Taylor, and Martha Grace Woodward.

Young Georgia Authors was: Brigett Rachels.

Senior Beta Club Members Receiving Cords were: Sullee Boddiford, Landen Canady, Charla Clifton, MacKenzie Davis, Andrew Grimes, Kelsey Harper, Kaylan Lamb, Samuel McBride, Nadia Mendez, Lawson Mercer, Lizzie Millsaps, James Myers, Karly Olliff, Carlin Stewart, Allyson Taylor, William Taylor, and Martha Grace Woodward.

United States Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence was awarded to: Karly Olliff.

United States Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete was awarded to: Charla Clifton and William Taylor.

Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence went to: Aleigha Ducker.

United States Army Reserve National Scholar Award went to: Lawson Mercer and Sullee Boddiford.

Students entering the United States Marine Corps Basic Training were: Chiara Boatwright, Dean Woods, Caleb Myers, and Ty Charles.

Department Awards:

Visual Arts/Comprehensive IV went to: Tyler Alexander.

Visual Arts Pathway Cords went to: Brack Fagler, Adyn Holden, Tyler Alexander, Abilena Nichols, Lamont Montgomery, Jada Evines, Shamya Edmond, Rafael Silva-Estrada, Kellie Howell, Carlin Stewart, Kaden Wiese, and Chiara Boatwright.

Engineering Applications was received by: William Taylor

Audio/Video award went to: William Taylor and Landen Canady.

Band Pathway Cords was received by: Brack Fagler.

JROTC Army Leadership Education IV was awarded to: Emiya Hill.

JROTC Cords went to: Cierra Fann, Emiya Hill, Dean Woods, Chiara Boatwright, Ty Charles, Talmadge Willis, Blake Hughes, Angel Carrillo, Ja’Karia Sinkfield, Braxton Jones, Kane Hatten, India Daughtry, and Kaelyb Moak. JROTC Stoles was received by: Cierra Fann, Dean Woods, Chiara Boatwright, Talmadge Willis, Blake Hughes, Emiya Hill, and Kaelyb Moak.

Subject Area Awards:

British Literature was awarded to: Joseph Conner.

College Readiness was awarded to: Timothy Dobson.

Pre-Calculus was awarded to: James Myers.

Economics was awarded to: Karly Olliff.

Anatomy/Physiology award was received by: Charla Clifton.

Work-Based Learning award went to: Shanna Wilkerson.

Business Communications award went to: Sullee Boddiford.

Food Science award went to: Caroline Salinas.

Nursery and Landscape award was received by: Rafael Silva-Estrada.

Weight Training award went to: Joseph Fullmore.

Work-Based Learning Participants awards were received by:

Natalie Akridge, Melvin Akridge, Jacey Allen, Caleb Avery, Bryson Barrett, Anna Kate Beasley, Sullee Boddiford, Mariah Boyd, Jamese Budgett, Angel Carrillo, Charla Clifton, Joseph Conner, India Daughtry, Taylor Flakes, Sara Fordham, Shytoria Foreman, Andrew Grimes, Haley Hadden, Kelsey Harper, Aubrey Harrison, Kimya Heath, Haley Henry, Emiya Hill, Kellie Howell, Braxton Jones, Kaylan Lamb, Cordarius Lee, Richard Lee, Haden McCullough, Elizabeth Millsaps, Madison Murray, James Myers, Brigett Rachels, Austin Roberson, Lily Kate Robertson, Damiah Sapp, Ja’Karia Sinkfield, Maggie Smith, Myia Stelle, Courtney Stripling, Allyson Taylor, Aiden Thurman, Toddrianna Watson, Jacob Wheeler, Shanna Wilkerson, Michaela Wilkerson, Talmadge Willis, Martha Grace Woodward, and Jordan Xochicale-Albor.

Pathway Cords:

All students are strongly encouraged to complete a CTAE pathway (3 classes) in business, family and consumer sciences, agriculture, or engineering. This year, students who have completed a pathway and passed the credentialing examination receive honor cords for their efforts. These students have passed real-world industry-recognized exams to earn this distinction:

Tyler Alexander, Jacey Allen, Bailey Arnold, Caleb Avery, Anna Kate Beasley, Sullee Boddiford, Mariah Boyd, Gartrell Brown, Jamese Budgett, Landen Canady, Angel Carrillo, Joseph Conner, MacKenzie Davis, Timothy Dobson, Aleigha Ducker, Jacob Durden, Jada Evines, Brack Fagler, Jessalyn Green, Andrew Grimes, Haley Henry, Adyn Holden, Kellie Howell, Samuel McBride, Haden McCullough, Nadia Mendez, Lawson Mercer, Lamont Montgomery, James Myers, Abilena Nichols, Austin Roberson, Lily Kate Robertson, Caroline Salinas, Da’Miah Sapp, Rafael Silva-Estrada, David Stapleton, Myia Steele, Shayla Stephenson, Carlin Stewart, Allyson Taylor, William Taylor, Aidan Thurman, Toddriana Watson, Jacob Wheeler, Kaden Wiese, and Shanna Wilkerson.

Academic E Award

Students must have been on Honor or Star Honor Roll for the first three grading periods and have an overall average of 93 or higher: Natalie Akridge, Tyler Alexander, Jacey Allen, Caleb Avery, Sullee Boddiford, Landen Canady, Charla Clifton, Joseph Conner, MacKenzie Davis, Jacob Durden, Andrew Grimes, Kelsey Harper, Bryce Kearson, Samuel McBride, Lawson Mercer, Elizabeth Millsaps, Karly Olliff, Brigett Rachels, Caroline Salinas, Rafael Silva-Estrada, Maggie Smith, Myia Steele, Allyson Taylor, William Taylor, Shanna Wilkerson, Martha Grace Woodward, and Jordan Xochicale-Albor.

President’s Award for Educational Excellence went to: Martha Grace Woodward, Elizabeth Lynn Millsaps, and Karly Olliff.

Honor Graduates were: Natalie Faith Akridge, Jacey Abilene Allen, Bailey Jade Arnold, Caleb Matthew Avery, Anna Kate Beasley, Sullee Ann Boddiford, Landon Miles Canady, Charla Grace Clifton, John Joseph I’bn Conner, Damien MacKenzie Davis, Aleigha Dean Ducker, Jacob Odie Durden, LaHarry Renardo Carlton Farnum, Taylor Rae Flakes, Andrew Walter Grimes, Kelsey Madison Harper, Aubrey Rae Harrison, Haley Lane Henry, Emiya Mariyana Hill, Kellie Marie Howell, Jonathan Braxton Proctor Jones, Christopher Bryce Kearson, Sarah Catherine Nicole Kraus, Kaylan Leigh Lamb, Macie Elizabeth McBride, Samuel Tam-Thanh McBride, Nadia Mendez, Lawson Wade Mercer, Elizabeth Lynn Millsaps, Madison Taylor Murray, James Myers III, Karly Rae Olliff, Brigett Alaynah Rachels, Austin Lee Roberson, Lily Kate Robertson, Caroline Lara Salinas, Maggie Elisabeth Smith, David Darnell Stapleton Jr., Myia Alexias Steele, Shayla Ann Brantley-Stephenson, Carlin Era Stewart, Allyson Grace Taylor, William Thomas Taylor, Aiden Grey Thurman, Shanna Danielle Wilkerson, and Martha Grace Woodward. Valedictorian was Martha Grace Woodward.

Salutatorian was Elizabeth Millsaps.

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