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Emanuel County Sheriff’s Report

Updated: Apr 14

Reports from the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office under the leadership of Sheriff Jeffery Brewer are as follows:

A deputy was called to Walnut Road in reference to a civil matter regarding the waiving of rent, car usage and food allowance being exchanged for provision of child care. Owner of the house told the child care provider to leave the house and return the car. Deputy advised the complainant to return the vehicle and tell her that she would have to be evicted to be removed from the house.

Deputy met with the complainant at the Sheriff's office to state he believes an unknown person has used his information to take out a small business loan.

Deputies were dispatched to Highway 80 West in reference to a tractor trailer blocking the highway. The driver stated he missed the turn and was attempting to turn around when the truck got stuck in sand on the shoulder of the roadway.

Deputy responded to a report of juveniles on a dirt bike tearing up the road and riding in the lake on Spring Lake Drive. Complainant stated she was returning home from vacation when she met the motorcycle on the road and almost hit it head on. The juveniles were doing donuts in the road, causing damage and they were also spotted tearing up the lake dam. The juveniles appeared to be around the age of 13-15. They did not provide their names or addresses when questioned by the complainant.

Deputy responded to a nuisance animal complaint regarding several dogs on Williams Road in Kite. The dogs were said to have entered only the property and killed several chickens and some goats that belonged to a neighbor. The dogs were said to belong to the address of 95 Williams Road. Deputies made contact with the owner of the dogs and advised both parties of the available remedies via Animal Control and state law.

A deputy responded to Walnut Road trespassing issue between family members purchasing land.

Deputies responded to Nunez Lexsy Road in reference to a light skinned black male prowler detected on a Ring camera.

Driver was issued a citation for a suspended tag and no proof of insurance.

A deputy initiated a traffic stop for a seatbelt violation. Upon approaching the vehicle, an open container of alcohol was observed inside the vehicle. The driver was turned over to Georgia State Patrol and was issued a sobriety test. He was jut under the legal limit at .07.

Victim states that two pit bull looking dogs attacked eight of his calves in a pen. One dog was black and the other one was black and white. The cows are worth $800 a piece. All calves have torn ears, one calf has bite marks on his throat and one has a messed up eye. The dogs left towards the back of the Twin City Detention Center. A deputy rode the neighborhood looking for the dogs, but didn’t find them.

Deputies were dispatched to Male Avenue in reference to an irate female. Upon arrival, they met with the complainant who stated the offender was acting irate and as though she was on drugs. She would not answer questions and could not keep still when deputies spoke with her. EMS was dispatched to check on her and contact with Adult Protective Services was also made.

A deputy responded to a report of trespassing on Old Wadley Road. Complainant noted that there were people illegally hunting with dogs on his property where he has livestock.

A deputy was dispatched to I-16 and HWY 297 in reference to a reckless driver in a dark blue jeep that knocked a crossing arm down at an exit. Treutlen county police officers apprehended the offender who was removed from the car and was highly intoxicated.

A Twin City resident reported over $1,340 worth of technology and game items stolen from her home.

Two females called 911 to report a male had been holding them hostage. They were in the bathroom at the Oak Park Subway when they made the call. When the deputies arrived, the offender was sitting in the black Toyota Avalon described by the complainants. He put his hands up when he saw the officers. On further discussion with the complainants, they stated they picked up the offender in Atlanta at a bus station and were taking him back to Florida. One adult complainant and offender were in a relationship. The two female complainants stated everything was fine until he took a nap and then woke up and started cursing at them and yelling. One complainant stated she wasn’t going to put up with it and he needed to get out of her car at the next exit, which was the Subway. He refused to get out of the car until the officers advised him to call a friend to come get him. He then complied.

A deputy was dispatched to the Singh Food Mart in reference to a white male walking into the store who was caught on video grabbing a case of beer and walking out. While the deputy was speaking with an employee, the offender drove back to the store, then seeing the police cars, drove off. He was apprehended and arrested for theft by shoplifting and driving with a suspended license.

District Manager of the Pendleton Springs Dollar General spoke with a deputy regarding an employee who has made over $4,000 of fraudulent transactions. The district manager backed the accusations up with video footage and receipts on a jump drive. He requested that the employee be told she was no longer allowed on the DG property. Employee was confronted by her employers and when this happened she asked to go for a smoke, then sped off. Deputy made a phone call to the employee notifying her of who he was and could they meet. She stated, “For what?” and hung up.

Deputies responded to a single car crash where the vehicle was in the wood line of Old Savannah Road. The owner had no insurance, no tag, and had a suspended license. Daniels Chevrolet is in control of the vehicle until contacted by the Sheriff’s office.

Deputy pulled over a vehicle going 75 mph in a 55 mph zone. The driver was transported and booked into Emanuel County Jail for driving on a suspended license with no insurance, speeding, and improperly transferring a tag. The passenger beside the driver was intoxicated and had an active arrest warrant for failure to appear.

Complainant came into the sheriff’s office regarding a deposit made into her bank account of $1,800. Someone from Lending Club reached out to her and asked for her email address so he could send her documents on how to report to their company. She went to her bank, Truist, and was advised to close the account and get a police report. The email that was given to the complainant was and the number was 888-596-3157.

Complainant received a text message stating her EBT card was currently locked. There was a number for her to call, 801-396-9405. She called the number and it asked for her EBT card number as well as her PIN number. She did this. When she tried to use her card it was denied. $799.99 was taken out of the account, clearing the account. The company that removed the money was listed at Emdiassia Corporation out of Brooklyn, New York. She stated she needed a report done so she could turn it in to get the money put back in the account.

Deputies assisted Oak Park and Swainsboro Fire Department with a shed fire on Harrington Street.

Two missing boys, one 12 and one 8, went missing when playing hide and seek in the woods on Big Creek Road. They ended up on Old Savannah Road unharmed.

Deputy pulled over a vehicle going 73 mph in a 55 mph zone. The driver notified the deputy that his license was suspended. There were four citations that were unpaid. The driver asked to not be arrested in front of his kids. After his wife and kids left the scene, the driver was taken to Emanuel County Jail.

A Lowe’s truck driver was seen knocking down a main power pole in a resident’s yard. The driver stopped and one of the residents attempted to speak with him, but he drove off. A report was filed by the deputy to turn into Lowe’s so the residents would not be charged with fixing the pole.

A deputy pulled over a vehicle going 81 mph in a 55mph zone. The driver had an international driver’s license, but no passport to go with it. He claimed the deputy was racist and refused to sign the citation. He was charged with driving with no license and speeding.

Deputies responded to an incident at Old Reidsville Road in reference to several cows out in the road. Cows were relocated.

Deputy responded to an incident on HW1 in reference to a goat impeding traffic.