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Reports from The Emanuel County Sheriffs Office under the leadership of Sheriff Jeffery Brewer are as follows:

A deputy was called to 49 Red Oak Road in Swainsboro in reference to threats made through Facebook. Upon arrival, the complainant advised the deputy that she had an active TPO against the offender. When entering the report, the deputy noticed a warrant for state probation for the offender. The deputy ran the offender’s information and found he was wanted on the warrant. The deputy located the offender and placed him under arrest.

Deputies responded to South Poplar Street in reference to a missing elderly person. Upon arrival, deputies met with the complainant who stated that at approximately 11:00 am on 6/21/2022 she was cutting grass in the yard and stated that the victim, her husband, walked over to her and advised her that he wanted to go to Soperton. The complainant advised the victim to wait on her so she could put her lawn equipment up and stated that as she was coming back around the residence to get in the vehicle, the victim was backing out of the driveway and drove off heading towards Treutlen county. The complainant advised deputies that she rode all over the city of Soperton looking for the victim but was unable to locate him. Emanuel 911 gave out a BOLO to all surrounding counties.

Deputies responded to Scuffletown Road in reference to a domestic dispute between brothers involving a firearm. While en route to the incident location, other deputies arrived on the scene and advised responding deputies that one of the parties left the scene and possibly had a firearm on his person. The deputies made contact with the subject, later identified as the complainant, who stated that he and his brother got into a heated verbal altercation. The complainant stated that the offender, which is his brother, started trying to fight him and brandished a firearm. The offender’s Parole Officer is said to have arrived on the scene and began speaking with the offender.

A complainant stated that she was followed back to Swainsboro after having a verbal altercation with a fellow employee at Crider Poultry. The complainant could not provide a name on the subject she believed followed her.

A deputy with a complainant at the Sheriff’s office in reference to fraudulent activity. The complainant stated that she got a notification that her order from Walmart in Ohio was ready for pickup. The complainant doesn't have any dealings with Ohio. The delivery was to William McIntyre at 2504 Drummond Rd Toledo Ohio 43606. The complainant tried to cancel the order but it would only cancel the food order and not the entire order which included an order for tires.

An offender was found to be in possession of two semi-automatic handguns as a convicted felon and parolee.

A victim stated that she was advised by a subject claiming to be Janice and calling from 1-915-703-7987 that her Citizens bank card had been hacked and that she needed to purchase two gift cards totaling $800.00 to protect her debit card. The victim stated

she was then told to give the numbers off the back of the Sephora cards she had purchased to the scammer. The victim stated she was out of $800.00.

A reporting deputy spoke to the complainant via phone call in reference to a wallet possibly being stolen at Dollar General. The complainant stated she had been at the Dollar General in Oak Park and after leaving the store she could not find her wallet. Believing she had left it inside, she returned and asked associates. The complainant stated a female employee

played the cameras back and advised the complainant had the wallet in her hand when she exited the store. The complainant stated she did not get the name of the male who was working at the register at the time she paid for her items. The complainant stated the wallet to be beige in color with tribal symbols and elephants. The wallet was said to contain her ID/Driver's License, SS receipts for her children, SS cards, Medicaid cards, insurance cards, debit cards for Core Credit, Wells Fargo, and Credit Karma, a small sum of currency, and more. The complainant stated she has contacted banks to cancel cards, but a report was needed to have several of them replaced.

A reporting deputy met with a complainant at the Emanuel County Sheriffs’ Office in reference to a lost cell phone. The complainant stated after leaving his residence he could not find his cell phone, believing it may have been left somewhere on the vehicle prior to driving. The complainant could not advise of phone brand or carrier, stating "It’s an Obama phone". The complainant stated his ID information, banking information, etc. are linked to the phone. The complainant stated he did see children riding bicycles in the area of North Old Reidsville Road while he was trying to find the phone, believing they may have picked it up.

Deputies along with EMS were dispatched to Northwest Railroad Avenue in reference to a possible overdose. Upon arrival, deputies met with witnesses. Witnesses advised that the offender was found in the bathroom of the residence suffering from an apparent overdose. It was unknown how many of the pills offender took prior to being found. The offender was still breathing/alert but would not verbally respond to deputies or EMS. The offender was

transported by EMS to Meadows Regional in Vidalia for treatment and evaluation.

A reporting deputy assisted Swainsboro Police Department with an unwanted person.

A complainant stated that Excelsior got a tamper alarm around Beagle Road. When observing the location, they found that someone had stuck 2 knife blades in the lugs where the meter goes and they were stealing electricity. The complainant estimated they had stolen around $600.00 worth of electricity and the cost to hook the electricity up.

A deputy initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle in reference to a suspended registration.

The deputy made contact with the driver and advised the driver of why he was being stopped. The driver provided his driver’s license. While speaking with the driver, the officer noticed a white powder substance in his right nostril. The officer ran the driver’s information and found that the owner of the vehicle had an outstanding warrant for his arrest for burglary. The driver refused consent for a vehicle search. The driver was detained and provided an identity that was later discovered to be fake. The was a used syringe in the pocket of the driver. The syringe was disposed of prior to the driver leaving the scene.

Deputies were dispatched to a location in reference to a complainant being harassed by an offender. The complainant stated that a month ago there was an incident involving herself, the offender, and the complainant's boyfriend. The complainant stated for the past week offender has been harassing her as he travels by her residence. The complainant stated offender blows the horn, spins wheels, and revs his motor as he goes by her residence. The complainant believes this is done to harass her due to the prior incident. The reporting deputy spoke to the offender and advised of the complaint. The offender stated he had not been harassing the complainant. The offender stated he would be packing his belongings and moving out of the trailer park.

Deputies were dispatched to a location in reference to a domestic in progress.

Deputies were dispatched to the area of Atlanta Street in Stillmore in reference to a caller requesting assistance with a vehicle stuck in the roadway. While en route, 911 advised deputies the caller had contacted them again stating that deputies could cancel and asked for contact information for a tow service. 911 provided the caller with a towing service’s information. The reporting deputy was later contacted by a phone call by Triple S Towing. The reporting deputy was requested to the location by Triple S who advised the subject did not have funds to pay for services. Upon arrival, reporting deputy met with the complainant and offender. It appeared as though the offender had attempted to turn into a driveway on Atlanta Street. It appeared as though the offender misjudged clearance, causing the front right of the vehicle to become stuck in the ditch. This left the vehicle sideways and blocked the roadway.

The complainant stated he had been contacted by the offender requesting assistance with removing the vehicle. The complainant stated he arrived and began removing the vehicle as his passenger began the paperwork and gathering payment. It was advised offender did not have funds to pay for services rendered. The offender was advised Triple S would be removing the vehicle and he could retrieve it from their tow yard when funds were acquired. It is unknown if the vehicle received damages to the front end due to the incident. The offender was transported to the Jet Food Store in Metter where he was turned over to Candler County Sheriff’s Office to be transported to his residence. A deputy responded to the Beagle Road in reference to a theft. The complainant advised that she suspected two suspects had come into her house while she was gone. The complainant stated that the two suspects had lived with her for a few weeks and had moved out, but she is having a problem with them entering her home when she is gone. The complainant advised her of the process to seek in resolving this matter further.

Deputies responded to the incident location above in reference to a possible burglary. Upon arrival, deputies met with the listed parties who stated that they had been gone for approximately three days and returned to find the front door slightly opened. The complainant and witnesses both stated that they remember locking the deadbolt and also stated that no one else should have a key to her residence. The complainant and the witness stated that similar instances have occurred in the past and they believe that someone is targeting them. Deputies entered the residence with the complainant and were advised that nothing was missing.

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