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Reports from The Emanuel County Sheriffs Office under the leadership of Sheriff Jeffery Brewer are as follows:

Deputies responded to 653 Friendly Way on June 10 in reference to a domestic dispute over a firearm. Upon arrival the offender advised that he was moving out and the complalioainat would not give him his firearm. Both parties argued that it was a gift to the complainant but was never registered in her name. They were also arguing over an iPhone and Apple Watch. The complainant then gave the firearm to the offender and both parties were advised of the process to seek in resolving the Phone issue through the courts. The offender then left the residence and the complainant staled the offender had hit her in the side of her head prior to their arrival. Deputies did not see any visible marks and she denied EMS and given resources and explained of the process to seek in resolving the matter further.

On 6/9/22 a deputy responded to a call regarding stolen property. The complainant stated on 6/8/22 she noticed when she entered the house that the welder I the house was gone and after speaking to her husband she determined it had been stolen. She also stated that a dirt bike that was in the living room area was also stolen. She further stated that a chainsaw and the top of a rolling tool box was missing. There were no signs of forced entry into the house. A report was filed.

On 6/9/22 a deputy responded to 597 Womack Road in reference to a nuisance animal call. The animal in question was described as being a large domestic farm hog. The animal was reported to have caused damage to private property that included a chicken coop. The animal in question was determined to belong to the address of 1355 Mt Olivet Road. Contact with the owner was attempted but no contact was made.

On 6/9/22 deputies responded to a call of threats. The complainant stated that the offender threatened to come to his house to fight over a dispute with his daughter. The offender stated that the female in question had been homeless for about a month and he had been letting her stay at his home. The complainant stated that the offender was claiming he would not let her leave. The complainant stated that the offender was not welcome on his property ad could pick up the female somewhere else. Another male on the premises stated that the same offender was in his yard about two months ago waving a pistol in the air and threatened to kill him. The complainant staled that the offender and the female had threatened to take they own lives. A report was filed and would be further investigated.

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