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Reports from The Emanuel County Sheriffs Office under the leadership of Sheriff Jeffery Brewer are as follows:

Deputies responded to a location of Hebron Road in reference to property damage and an unwanted person. Upon arrival, the complainant advised that he boyfriend had broken her phone and that she had asked him to leave. The complainant was advised of the process to seek in resolving the matter through the magistrate.

Deputies were dispatched to a tree down in the roadway of Woodchuck Road. County Road Department was contacted for removal.

A complainant reported harassing and stalking. The complainant presented video evidence.

A deputy responded to a call reporting a dog bite. The offender stated that the victim entered her house uninvited and was bitten by her dog. The offender also stated that the dog had puppies and was protective over them. The victim stated that she was invited and that the dog, a black chihuahua, came from another room to bite her. There was a superficial wound and blood was drawn.

A deputy met with a complainant who wanted to report a co-worker for riding her lawnmower without her permission.

A deputy responded to Strawberry Circle in reference to a report of criminal trespassing. Upon arrival, contact was made with the complainant who stated that she notified a neighbor that they observed a black male run away from their residence. The complainant produced surveillance footage of the incidence. The deputy observed a subject matching the description of the suspect walking down the roadway. The suspect was questioned and stated that he was looking for his wallet that he had lost previously in a nearby pea field. The offender changed his story when a relative arrived on scene. He admitted that he was looking for cigarette butts on the porch and around the yard because he smokes. The offender was turned over to his relative.

Emanuel County Sheriff’s office assisted Swainsboro Police Department in the search of a residence. The officer’s received verbal consent to conduct a search of the residence for possible stolen property. The shed and residence were searched and photos were taken. Evidence was turned over to an investigator.

A deputy unlocked a vehicle.

A complainant reported threatening phone calls and text messages. The complainant requested a call from an investigator.

A complainant stated that she was traveling North on US Highway 1 Bypass when a rock from the tires of a semi-truck struck her windshield and cracked it.

Deputies assisted Swainsboro Police Department with an alarm call at Swainsboro Middle School. The officers found an open door to the building upon arrival. Deputies assisted with entry and search of the building.

A deputy was dispatched to Solomon Street for a vehicle unlock.

Deputies were dispatched to Kemp Road in reference to a possible burglary as well as a suspicious vehicle being left on the property.

Deputies were dispatched to Glenwood Road in reference to a vehicle unlock.

A victim reported an offender’s work vehicle parked on his property.

A deputy pursued a suspect on foot. The offender was believed to have drugs on his person. The offender eventually stopped running and listened to commands. The offender dropped a black bag during the pursuit which contained a pistol and a leafy green substance believed to be marijuana. The bag was recovered by the K-9 unit.

Deputies responded to McKenzie Drive in reference to suspected illegal drug activity.

An investigator met with a family with intentions to discuss an offender entering the daughter’s property. The offender was on bond and instructed to have no contact with eh victim. The offender hit the victim after and argument and shoved her into a glass cabinet which shattered. The offender reportedly threatened the victim and her family.

A victim reported an incident at Family Dollar. The victim stated that and offender came into he store and stole her phone. The victim has an active temporary order of protection against the offender.

A subject called 911 in a disoriented state. Upon arrival, the subject was not conscious or alert. Eventually, the subject woke up and proceeded to refuse medical treatment.

A deputy was dispatched to a location of Highway 57 East in reference to property damage. The complainant reported broken glass in his hoe and a stolen truck after a dispute with a female offender who he had a relationship with sin the past.

A deputy responded to Taco Bell in reference to an incident that occurred elsewhere. Upon arrival, the deputy met with the complainant who stated that he had permission to wash his laundry at the incident location and stated that the listed offender put chemicals in with his laundry to damage them. The complainant was advised to handle the incident through the magistrate.

A deputy met with a complainant who reported damage to her vehicle from the yellow road paint due to road work that was in progress.

Deputies met with a complainant who reported a suspect who entered property acting strangely. The suspect was known to have mental health issues.

Emanuel County Deputies assisted Georgia State Patrol with a tractor trailer fire on Interstate 16.

Deputies responded to Miller Drive in reference to a mental health crisis.

Deputies responded to Sand Hill Road in reference to a domestic dispute.

Deputies met with a complainant at an incident location in reference to property damage, The damage consisted of a disabled dead-bolt and pry marks on the door.

A deputy responded to a location in reference to a child custody dispute. The custodian barred the parent from being at the residence after an incident when the parent was being disorderly and upsetting the children.

A disoriented nude male was picked up walking on Interstate 16. The male knew his name and birthday but could not answer any other questions. The male had a knot on his forehead. EMS found no drugs in his system. The subject was held until his father could fly to pick him up.

Deputies responded to a location in reference to a fight that had already occurred. A victim was bleeding from his head and was intoxicated. The offender had left the residence already. Witnesses state that the offender acted in self defense.

Deputies responded to a location in reference to a disturbance caused by a mentally ill subject.

A complainant reported that she witness suspects beating a victim with a belt.

Deputies responded to Keith Screws Road in reference to a burglary. The victim noticed that his LG 65 inch TV was stolen when he came home for his lunch break.There were broken windows in the house where the offender could have gained entry.

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