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Reports from The Emanuel County Sheriffs Office under the leadership of Sheriff Jeffery Brewer are as follows:

A deputy responded to a location on Highway 192 in reference to an attempted burglary. The complainant reported that her fiancée’s brother attempted to break the front door of her residence in order to retrieve a dog that belongs to him. The offender did not make entry. The complainant was advised of the magistrate process to press charges.

A victim reported an offender stealing power from her residence. The victim also reported vehicular damage involving the same offender. No contact was made with the offender for trespassing.

Deputies discovered an abandoned vehicle near Cowford Bridge. While running the plates of the car, a driver returned to pick the car up. The driver was a suspect and was immediately taken into custody. The vehicle was towed by Amerson’s Towing.

A complainant reported hitting a deer on Highway 80. The vehicle sustained minor damage and no injuries were reported.

Deputies responded to a location on Kathleen Street in reference to a structure fire. Deputies discovered a completely engulfed home and all occupants were escorted off the property with no injuries.

A complainant reported an unwanted person on his residence. The complainant advised that the offender had been warned to stay off the property many times after an altercation.

A complainant reported an incident between herself and a Facebook Marketplace seller. The complainant reported that the seller had made her uncomfortable and tried to prevent her from leaving his property after paying a deposit for a camper. After being released, the complainant was ignored by the offender and not given her money back.

A complainant called to report his car stolen. The offender was known to the complainant.

Deputies were dispatched to Griffin Ferry Road interference to a vehicle crash. In the debris, deputies found evidence of possible alcohol and marijuana usage. Georgia State Patrol was requested to handle the incident.

A complainant called in a report of a stolen A/C unit.

Deputies responded to S&S Collision in reference to a dispute. Deputies were advised of an offender causing issues at the workplace. Upon arrival, the offender had reportedly busted the windows of the building and left. The complainant and owner of the building both gave descriptions of the offender and incident. The complainant was advised of the magistrate court process to further pursue charges.

A deputy was dispatched to Oak Grove Church Road in reference to theft. The complainant stated that when he went outside in the morning his John Deere 54 inch lawn mower, along with his weed eater, trimmer, lawn edger, and leaf blower were all stolen from off of his trailer that he kept in the backyard. He stated that he had serial numbers for them and that the lawn mower was insured.

A welfare check was sent to a location of Cowford Bridge Road.

A noise complaint was filed against Club Rolex.

Assistance was requested for a stranded motorist. LRS Towing Service was called.

A complainant stated that someone came into his fenced in yard during the night and keyed both sides of his vehicle. The complainant stated that he had no idea

who did the damage.

Deputies responded to a residence in reference to a welfare check on a ten year old female that had been struck by the mother. Upon deputy arrival, the victim was emotionally upset and sitting on front steps of the residence. The victim advised deputies that she and the mother had gotten into an altercation because the mother turned off the internet. The victim stated that the mother then struck her in the face and she had called her father, but he didn't answer the phone. After speaking with victim further, deputies suspected that the victim may be suffering from a possible mental illness and possible anger issues. The victim did advise that she has spoken briefly with vice principle of her school and requested to talk to a professional for help. Deputies advised mother to seek professional help for this matter and to

reach out to school counselors for further resources.

Deputies responded to a location in reference to a single vehicle accident due to swerving to avoid a deer collision. No injuries were reported. The vehicle veered off into woods causing major front end damage and was towed by Watkins Towing.

Deputies responded to Highway 1 South in reference to a vehicle being run off the road. Upon arrival, deputies met with the driver who was noticeably upset. She stated that while she was driving northbound, a black car was speeding and veered over into her lane causing her to lose control of her vehicle. This then caused her to spin into the median, where her vehicle was still sitting and unable to move out of the ditch. The front driver side headlight was damaged, as well as the hood, and front bumper on the driver side and a portion of the passenger side bumper. Once Triple S arrived on scene they were able to pull the vehicle out of the median.

Deputies were dispatched to a location in reference to an animal collision. The complainant stated that he was traveling on Ehrlich Farm Road, near the intersection of Davis Road, when he struck a deer that ran into the roadway. Vehicle was removed from the location by complainant.

A complainant reported that he struck a deer after it left the shoulder of the roadway and entered his lane of travel. The vehicle suffered minor damage to the left front bumper, grille, fender, and hood.

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