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Family Connection donates to Bobcat Bridge Program

Emanuel County Family Connection recently made a generous donation to the Bobcat Bridge Program at East Georgia State College. Family Connection and many of their collaborative partners brought donations to stock the pantry for EGSC students. A $500 grant from the Mill Creek Foundation was also used to purchase food items for the pantry. Members of Family Connection delivered the items to EGSC and packed bags with pantry items for students.

"Family Connection seeks ways to help the community and has a heart for students of all ages. This is a great program that we hope to support whenever possible," said Tammy Allen, the program coordinator. Allen along with Pam Carr, the chairperson, and Samantha Cullen, GSU Dietetic Intern, delivered the items to EGSC.

East Georgia State College, as an institution within the University System of Georgia, is a participant in the Embark program, which was developed within the University System of Georgia to provide a point of contact for students who have previously or are currently classified as a homeless or foster children. EGSC’s program on campus is named The Bobcat Bridge. As a participant institution, EGSC is establishing a bridge to assist students with some personal needs to support them while they obtain an education.

The Bobcat Bridge program was organized to ensure that students attending EGSC would not be adversely affected in their academic studies due to their inability to provide basic needs. EGSC has established a committee to ensure that students’ needs are analyzed and provided for as they have resources available to do so. The mission is to bridge the gap between what students’ current statuses are and enable them to reach their goals. EGSC diligently works to provide the bridge between academics and basic needs to assist students for their next level in academics and life. The Bobcat Bridge Program provides educational and personal counseling, mentoring, personal care needs, and assistance with food.

EGSC would like to thank Emanuel County Family Connection and the others who have graciously given to the program this year. If you would like more information on the program or would like to know more about donating, visit

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