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Father-son duo are ‘hooked’ on fishing

Del Brown and his son, Gunnar, make up a two-man fishing team that fishes on the ABT, also known as the Alabama Bass Trail, which is similar to a semi-pro bass series. The father and son pair have always enjoyed each other’s company while fishing and have been hooked ever since.

They started first on the ABA, American Bass Alliance, for a full year until they just last year joined the ABT for a full schedule of tournaments. “We are very competitive and always love a good challenge, so we decided to put our skills to the test and join a major bass series circuit.”

The team has traveled to fish in Alabama and once to a championship in Dayton, Tennessee some years ago. The lakes they fish in are Lake Eufaula, Jordan Lake, Lay Lake, Lake Martin, and many others.

Del’s most favorite fish to catch is the spotted bass because “they pull like you’re hooked on a stump.”

The love for fishing can be a challenge for Del when he selects his type of bait. His favorite thing to do and most challenging is to be creative with bait selection. “Bass just don’t bite anything. You have to present the bait just right and make sure you are keeping up with what the lake is giving you that day,” he said. Some of these challenges include wind, currents, and water clarity.

Team fishing is most successful when members are on the same page. For Del and his Gunnar, some of the most basic things on a boat can cause the most problems. It is important for them both to be on the same page to be as successful as possible during a tournament.

In every tournament, the team fishes against 224 other boats. On their previous circuit, the ABA, they finished 12th overall, and they hope to be successful in the ABT circuit after they fish the full tournament schedule they offer.

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