FERST Contest: Every vote buys a book!

Each week in October, The Crossroads Chronicle has been featuring book characters in the FERST Readers Contest. Featured this week are Anne and FaithAnn Rogers in Lord of the Rings, Jodie and Jim Jarvis in Curious George, and Holly Lee and Scotty Hattaway in Wizard of Oz.

So far, contestants have raised $7,512 for 146 local children under the age of five. If you live in Emanuel County and have a child under the age of five, please make sure to register your child for free award-winning books every month at “FERST Readers registration” found at https://ferstreaders.org/resources/register-a-child-sub/register-a-child.

If you haven’t voted yet, please go to https://bit.ly/VoteEmanuelCharacters and vote for your favorite storybook character. Every $3 vote will purchase one book. $36 will buy a year of books for one child.

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