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Fields pockets $4,200 win at Vegas pool tournament

A 22-year-old Nunez man is $4,200 richer after taking second place in a pool tournament in Las Vegas last week. Jacob Fields secured his spot in the APA Poolplayer Championships last year, but the prestigious event was postponed twice due to COVID. Last week, Fields, along with his competition, finally played at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. He had a fantastic run and returned home August 9 with the runner-up title in tow.

Fields began seriously playing pool around four years ago, though he’s been around a pool table much longer than that. He says he didn’t see any of his pool play as credible until he could go places and play tournaments by himself.

Once he got to that point, he joined the American Poolplayers Association, or “APA” for short. On March 8, 2020 in Marietta, he won the qualifying tournament for the trip to Nevada’s capital.

The 9-ball shootout for the singles gray tier would be rescheduled for August 7-9, 2021. The extra time due to postponement proved to be of use as Fields went undefeated in the official tournament matches—until the last game.

When the competitors started playing for “big money,” the shootout became single disqualification. By extension of that, Fields immediately won second without having to play again. (He lost one game in the “mini tournament,” but that lone loss didn’t affect his score or standing for the main Vegas tournament.)

For his second-place win, Fields brought home $3,800 in cash, a personalized watch with his name and tournament finish etched into it, a trophy, and a $400 gift certificate to PoolDawg, an authorized retailer of 50+ leading brands of pool cues and cue cases.

Overall, he says playing in the APA Poolplayer Championships was a “dream he never thought would come true.”

Fields is an employee of Interfor and is engaged to Sierra Suggs. The couple is anxiously awaiting they arrival of their son, Bentley. He would like to thank his uncle, Blake Hooks, and his cousins, Zach Hooks and Chris Hooks, for practicing with him many days and late nights.

As of this past weekend, Fields was already back in action, beginning a tournament in Baxley, hoping to solidify his presence again at the next Vegas tournament. Indeed, he is set to go to regionals for 8-ball and was playing for a regional 9-ball spot on Sunday night.

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