Fine dining restaurant coming to City of Garfield

Jackie Boatwright-Daus was raised just outside of Garfield and has always called it home. For her, home is where the heart is—especially when it comes to food. She has returned home to Garfield to open Jacqueleen’s Southern Porch.

Boatwright-Daus is a licensed realtor and the CEO of Juanderful Enterprises LLC. She has received her B.A. from University of Maryland, along with her MBA and Ed.S. from Liberty University. Outside of real estate, Boatwright-Daus oversees the day to day operations of Juanderful Enterprises, LLC, the parent company of Juanderful Hair and Skin care products, Juanderful Events, Jacqueleen’s Southern Porch and Royal Real Estate Investments. She is married to Dr. Kevin M. Daus, an OB/GYN at Emory, and has two sons.

According to Boatwright-Daus, her affinity for cooking is a more recent development. “Growing up, I liked to eat but didn’t like to cook. I was more into modeling and fashion at that time of my life.” Boatwright-Daus was crowned Mrs. Georgia in 2016. She jokes, “As I got older, I found out that it was actually good to be considered pretty and cook.”

Boatwright-Daus and her family do a lot of entertaining at home, especially during the holidays, and often cook for large groups of family. The idea of Jaqueleen’s Southern Porch was born around three years ago. She explains that she and her husband travel to Palm Beach County, Florida for vacation but were always unhappy with the lack of upscale, southern restaurants. “I like steak as much as the next person, but soul food really is my favorite when it’s done right,” Boatwright-Daus said. She continued, explaining that she initially felt a calling to open a restaurant in Palm Beach County, but the timing was not right. “Fast forward 3+ years later, it was on my heart again and we decided to do it in Garfield.”

“Everything about the restaurant was done on paper three years ago. I already had my menu and the name when we started the project. I named the dishes after my siblings and friends of my mother who were some of the funniest people I knew growing up. Luckily for me, the right house was up for sale in February of this year, and it fit the vision perfectly.”

A selling point for Boatright-Daus was the porch. They closed on the house and immediately went to work converting the 1915 country home into a beautiful dining space that mixes Boatright-Daus’s love for southern food and fine dining. According to Boatright-Daus, presentation is everything. Her tables will be donned with beautiful dinnerware and white table cloths. She says, “I like for my food to not only taste good but to look good, too.”

Jacqueleen’s Southern Porch has a dress code: dressy casual. Their goal is to make customers feel like you are going somewhere, yet no longer have to drive miles from home to get a date night experience. “We want a great dinner atmosphere while listening to soft jazz in the background.”

The team at Jacqueleen’s Southern Porch is working hard for opening day. They cannot provide a specific date at this time but are hoping to open very soon. For more information, follow Jacqueleen’s Front Porch on Facebook. For menus, reservations, and COVID-19 safety measures, visit According to the business’s website, hours will be Friday and Saturday from 1 to 9 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 6 p.m.

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