Florida biker passing through Swainsboro

Updated: Jan 13

If you see this gentleman cycling around town today, be sure to make way for him on the roadway. If you see him in person, say hello and ask him about the journey he's on.

Douglas Johnston is on a 28-day trek from his city of Naples, Florida to Virginia, raising awareness for bike safety. He arrived in Swainsboro on Thursday, January 13, and will remain here for the night.

Johnston says he isn't in need of anything from the community; his stay arrangements for the evening are already taken care of, and he's good on supplies. He is, however, accepting $2 donations for the cause. Further (and most importantly), Johnston says he will appreciate any and all opportunities to speak to people about the ride's purpose so if you see him around, strike up a conversation.

A report in next week's Chronicle will give his take on our town and detail the journey to this point.

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