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Former EGSC student publishes new book

A woman with ties to Swainsboro has published her newest book, Sarah’s Second Chance. Patricia Clifton currently lives in Millen with her husband, John, but she has long had connections in Swainsboro.

She explains her first formal connection to the local area was made in her early 30s as a student at East Georgia College. She says her daily trips to Swainsboro were a “pleasure,” and attending the local college made for a “rewarding experience to a frightened older woman in a sea of young faces.”

Additionally, Clifton formed valuable relationships here that would, in the long run, help her publish multiple works of her own. She credits locals Neil Kalmanson and Harvey Netterville for their instructions in art and writing, as well as Mrs. Sammons, who taught her a “love for words.”

Clifton went on to graduate from Georgia Southern University with a fine arts degree with a concentration in watercolor painting. Today, she lives a life of creativity, proven by her poems, personal journals, and illustration of children’s book “The Hasty Little Squirrel.” Though she considers Sarah’s Second Chance to be her “debut book,” her author page on list two other novels penned by her: In War & Peace: A Family & WWII as well as Rose of Wagga Wagga: A Love Story That Defied Religious Intolerance. She says her background in architectural drafting and interior design has helped enrich all of her stories and creative details.

As for the latest book, a women’s fiction/romance novel set in the Vietnam era to present day, the writings, according to Clifton, took several years to become a manuscript. Published in March 2021, the story itself is shaped by the moral influences of the 1960s.

“After hearing people say, ‘You are writing my story,’ I began in earnest writing and searching for editors. Faith, support from friends, and a determination to write a story that would give hope to women in abusive situations helped me go forward and get it published,” Clifton explained.

According to Clifton, the synopsis of Sarah’s Second Chance is as follows:

“When Glenn proposes after almost a year of dating, Sarah accepts despite a moment of hesitation as her heart trembles. She devotes all of herself to him, pledging to be the perfect wife… Even when she learns Glenn is not the one, she thought he was.

After many years, fate intervenes, and Sarah finds herself free to lead her own life again. She is emotionally damaged by her marriage but is determined to rebuild her shattered life. Sarah spends evenings at home alone quietly comforted by an affectionate stray dog. When a mutual friend introduces her to Jim…who is charming, caring, and understanding… Sarah is hesitant to move forward in their friendship because she has not overcome the damaging wounds and flashbacks of her past.

Jim is captivated by Sarah’s brown eyes, and knows she is the gentle woman he needs in his life. He convinces her to renovate and redecorate his ancestral home, and through working together she learns to trust him. Their care for one another grows. But she keeps mentioning someone named Bob, and with caution, as Jim patiently waits for Sarah, he wonders how much longer he must keep his feelings in check. If another man is in Sarah’s life, who will get left out in the cold?

While emotionally moving, and endearing, Sarah’s Second Chance explores what it means to be hurt by false love…and how honest caring love overcomes hurt and brings about a new direction for these second timers.”

The author describes her latest work as an “emotionally rich book” that will appeal to readers who enjoy becoming attached to the motional thoughts and issues of the main character. The story tells of Sarah’s struggles while living in an emotionally abusive marriage to Glenn, whose narcissist personality dominates and controls her. Sarah learns to hide her pain with a smile.

“It speaks of the value of her friendships and their support without dominating,” Clifton continued. “Sarah’s story tells of her struggles to rebuild her confidence, which eventually renews her ability to have faith and trust in herself as well as others. This confidence awakens her to a second chance in life… To an acquaintance who has been patiently waiting for this charming lady.”

If you’re interested in purchasing Sarah’s Second Chance, books and e-books are available through the publisher at You can also make purchases on Amazon as well as in local stores spread throughout Millen, Louisville, and Statesboro. Major bookstores also carry Sarah’s Second Chance.

Should you have any questions for the author, you can find her on Facebook at

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