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Four plea out in superior court

Emanuel County Superior Court’s April 2022 term continued last week and saw four defendants in separate cases enter guilty pleas.

Tyrone Phillips was sentenced on two charges, possession of cocaine and possession of Marijuana itch intent to distribute, one count each. The court imposed a 10-year probation sentence and allowed Phillips to receive credit for time served in custody dating back to February 1 of this year. He was also fined $1,500.

Robert Tracey Hutchison was sentenced on three counts violation of Georgia’s Controlled Substance Act. This yielded a 30-year sentence altogether, and the first five must be served in custody. He, too, like Phillips, will receive credit for time served already; Hutchison has been jailed since February 25. The court also imposed a $1,500 fine to complete his sentencing.

Shaun Leonard was sentenced on two counts first-degree burglary. He received a 25-year sentence in total. Leonard’s first seven years will be spent in confinement, and he, like the two aforementioned defendants, will receive credit for time served retroactive to September 13, 2019. He also received a $50 fine.

Lastly, Andrew Jarrell Lillian’s was sentenced on one count crossing guardlines with drugs, one count possession of methamphetamine, and one count theft by shoplifting. He was sentenced to four years probation and was issued a $50 fine.

Paperwork for all four cases was finalized with the clerk’s office on Wednesday, May 18.

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