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Frank and a dog named ‘Bo’

The Crossroads continues its celebration of Adopt a Senior Pet Month by featuring another story about the benefits of owning a senior pet. This story is about a dog adopting a family. Meet Frank and Deana Patrick and their 15-year lab named Bo.

Frank loves to walk about four or five miles a day around his neighborhood. He has been walking for about 11 years. Bo belonged to a neighbor down the street; he was kept in a fenced in yard. As a young dog, Bo watched Frank pass by his yard each day. Then, Frank started stopping by the yard and talking to Bo.

Bo loved the attention Frank was giving him. One day, Frank decided he needed a walking partner and Bo needed the exercise. Frank asked Bo’s owner if Bo could go on daily walks with him. After their walks, Bo would hang out with Frank all day until his family would come home.

For more than 11 years now, Bo and Frank have a daily routine of walking the neighborhood together.

About five years after Frank and Bo begin walking together, Bo’s family moved away and left Bo behind. Bo knew just where to go. He moved in with Frank and Deana. The Patricks say he has been the best dog they have every owned. Bo is a gentle dog who never meets a stranger. In the evenings, he watches television with his new family and enjoys munching on his favorite snack, Ritz crackers. In the afternoons, Frank and Bo take a ride in the truck.

The next time you’re in their neighborhood, be sure to watch for Frank and his faithful companion, Bo. Together, they have walked many miles, and they hope to continue to walk many more miles in the future. Their steps may have slowed down with age, but not their spirit.

The Crossroads Chronicle thanks Shari Watt for sharing these articles on senior dogs. Further, The Crossroads encourages the public to consider adopting senior dogs as members of your families.

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