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Franklin Memorial has service to help a challenged/impaired

Franklin Memorial Library wants to get the word out about one of the best-kept secrets around town: its GLASS (Georgia Library for Accessible Statewide Service) component, which provides talking books to patrons who have trouble seeing. The service is free for Georgians.

Recently, one of Franklin Memorial’s loyal patrons, Emily Maupin, contacted the library and asked about which, if any, programs existed to help her.

Maupin had been an avid reader most of her life until about three years ago when macular degeneration started robbing her eyesight and she could no longer see to read books. She tried checking out books on CD but soon had problems seeing the numbers on the discs and had difficulty loading the correct one into the machine. Maupin truly missed reading or hearing books by her favorite authors, and she found herself spending long, lonely days just sitting in her room at Church Street Manor with nothing to do. The hours passed slowly. A staff member at Franklin Memorial contacted the GLASS representative, and, in a matter of days, “Ms. Emily” received her player and two books in a compact disc by her favorite authors. The discs were mailed to her, and she will return the discs by mail free of charge.

Maupin called this arrangement “just what she needed.” She now passes the time listening to her favorite authors and books. The service, she says, is easy to use, the buttons are large and color-coded, and volume levels can easily be adjusted to help with her hearing impairment. She is so excited about this program and wants others to know about it.

If you or a loved one are visually impaired, contact Franklin Memorial Library and let the staff see if they can help find the joy of getting lost in a good book again.

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